How to Sell a House Privately

Not so long ago selling a house was possible only through a real estate agent. This was mainly because there was no way for sellers and buyers to connect directly. And, the real estate agents would charge an exorbitant sum for providing their services in form of commission. But thanks to the internet, there are new ways of communication that have powered property sellers for selling a house privately.

What does selling a house on the internet imply?

These days we look towards the internet for all our needs. In the real estate sector, buyers no longer rely only on real estate agents to find a home for them. They search online for homes. The internet provides them the convenience of searching homes from the comfort of their home. They can also filter the listings according to their preferences such as the location, number of rooms, budget, etc. This helps them shortlist properties easily. They only need to visit properties that they have shortlisted. Therefore the entire process of finding a home saves their efforts, time and money.
If you are a seller and know that buyers are looking online to buy a property, then it definitely makes sense to channelize your efforts towards listing it on property portals. You can easily eliminate the agent from the process and sell it online.

While selling a house privately it is important to understand the role of a real estate agent. An agent essentially markets your property; arranges viewings of your property with potential buyers; negotiates the price and closes the deal.

The internet offers you a great platform to market your house.

All that you need to do to sell your property privately is:

• Price your house accurately. You can seek the services of a professional property appraiser for accurate pricing.
• Identify the property listing websites where you will list your house.
• List it on the site by uploading a description of your property.
• To give the potential buyers a clear idea of your house, upload attractive photographs.
• Uploading a virtual tour of the house is also beneficial.
• Once the potential buyers view the property online, they will directly connect with you.
• You can arrange the viewing of the house.
• Once a buyer is finalized, negotiate the price of the property.
• You can sell it without an agent easily.

Therefore, selling a house privately is not as complicated as it seems. It just requires some dedicated efforts. And, you will realize that a little bit of legwork does not hurt especially if there is so much to gain.

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Others Believe, Your Home, Has CHARM?

For a variety of reasons, most homeowners, at one point, or another, determine, it’s time, to sell their home. This may be related to their financial change – in – status, the need to relocate, family changes, aging, personal housing requirement/ needs, etc. For whatever the reason, however, it is important, to realize, and recognize, houses, listed on the real estate market, compete with others, and, it is often, the CHARM of a particular house, which makes it more attractive, than the competition. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, explore, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and some realistic strategies, etc.

1. Characteristics: This concept and approach, begins with clearly examining and considering, the main, as well as minor characteristics, of your home. Is the home, welcoming, and free of clutter, distractions, or, anything which might turn – off, rather than attract, qualified, potential buyers? Begin the process, by driving up, to your home, as a buyer might, and consider the true, curb appeal, in an objective manner. What is positive, and what is less so? Examine exterior grounds, including the lawn, flower beds, grooming, and whether it appears loved, and well – cared for! Is the style of your house, the most desirable one? In most regions, colonial – style houses, attract the highest prices, while cape cod – style, ones, receive the lowest offers. Then, examine, the first impression, a potential buyer, might feel, based on appearance, aromas, clutter, rooms, etc. Try to create a focus on the strongest assets of your particular house!

2. Heating system; heart: Prospective buyers, generally, seek an efficient, modern, quiet, heating system, as well as what, is known as, Heating/ Ventilation/ Air – Conditioning, or HVAC. Will others feel a warmth and attention, to the home, based on its heart, character, and service? How energy – efficient, and what other factors, might make the difference, buyers seek?

3. Areas; attention: Before you put your home, on the market, do a thorough review, of all areas, in, and around the house! Pay keen attention, and address inherent weaknesses, and those, which might impact, the potential, selling price!

4. Region; realistic: Know your neighborhood, and the surrounding areas. Understand its strengths and weaknesses, and understand, how, that might impact, what others might be willing, to pay. These regional considerations include: safety; convenience; schools; transportation; neighbors; etc.

5. Median; make mark: How will you price your house? Objectively consider how yours, compares with the competition, and do so, realistically! If you hope for your property to make its mark, and attract the best possible, qualified buyers, you need, to know the median price, existing market, etc, and price, the house, correctly, from the start!

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Difference, For Home – Sellers?

For most homeowners, who seek to achieve the best, possible results, when they make the challenging decision, to sell their houses, the goal, often, is to obtain the highest – possible, available price, in the shortest period of time, with the least, possible hassle! This means, proceeding, with time – tested ideas, and procedures/ processes, focused on achieving these objectives. For some, this means, staging their houses, in order, to entice qualified, potential buyers, to take more notice, and hopefully, help those, with limited vision, better visualize, what is possible, and how, the particular house, distinguishes itself, from the rest, of the pack. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, consider, review and discuss, some of the purposes of staging, and why, it often, makes a difference, in marketing and selling a home.

1. Room sizes: When staging is properly done, how one positions, furniture, how much (or little) furniture and furnishings (including light fixtures, window coverings, etc) is used, often addresses the limitations, some buyers might be concerned about, regarding the size of particular rooms, etc. The right size, amount, type, and position of these items, might make a significant difference, and attract more positive attention.

2. Appearance: One only gets one – chance, to make a first – impression! When potential buyers, as well as real estate agents, view your home, the possibilities are exponentially enhanced/ improved, when/ if, they become able to visualize themselves, living there, and proud of doing so! Reducing clutter, and other distractions, changing the overall appearance by replacing worn, or uninspiring furniture and furnishings, with more attractive items, often differentiates a particular house, from the competition.

3. Why should a buyer choose your house? Whether there is a buyers, sellers, or balanced, real estate market, there is always competition, for attracting potential, qualified buyers, to make attractive offers, for your house. In a buyers market, especially, when there are far more sellers, than real buyers, this added emphasis, often, helps, bring out, the best qualities, of your home, and emphasize the strengths, and minimize the weaknesses! In a sellers’ market, this may, help create, enough interest and motivation, to get, higher prices, etc. In a balanced market – place, there is a little – bit, of both, involved, in the purposes of staging a property.

If you want to sell your house, might staging be beneficial? Since professional stagers, often charge significant fees, etc, always evaluate doing so, on a costs/ rewards basis.

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When To Sell Your Home?

After more than a decade, as a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, I have often, been asked, if there’s a best – time, to sell one’s house. While a house, can be effectively marketed, and sold, at nearly any time, statistics indicate, more homes, are sold, during, what is referred to, as the Spring Market, than during other periods. However, it’s important to realize, however, there is generally, far more competition, during that period, as well! If you want to sell your home, during that period, it’s important to know the competition, and be prepared, and competitive, Hiring the right, real estate agent, to meet your needs, goals, and expectations, who will help you, position the house, effectively and efficiently, is an essential part of this process! Ask your agent, how to price it right, from the start.

1. Pricing: When you know, and understand, the local real estate market, and agree on a relevant, professionally considered, pricing strategy, your chances are optimized. When there are more houses on the market, there are generally, more buyers, as well as sellers, and, so, much has to do, with the specific house, neighborhood, relevant factors, and financial issues (such as mortgage interest rates, real estate taxes, etc). In recent years, there has been less emphasis on seasonal marketing of houses, and we have witnessed, a greater number of sales, throughout the year!

2. Why are you selling?: Are you selling, because you have to, or because, you want to? What are your personal motivations? Do you know your true needs? How quickly do you need to sell, and why? Are you focusing on the bigger – picture, or, not? Is your move, based on job – related issues, requiring relocation, family needs (size, conditions, schools, safety), or personal financial challenges, or improvements? Are you hoping to upgrade, or down – size? Know your reasons, be realistic, hire the right agent (for you), and attempt to proceed, in a logical (rather than merely, emotional) way!

3. Have you found your new home, already?: Obviously, if you have already, committed to buying a new home, there may be more pressure, on you, to sell your existing house. Discuss, in detail, with your real estate professional, so you plan, accordingly, from the onset.

Home selling is no longer, merely seasonal, yet, the best time to put one’s house on the real estate market, varies, based on individual needs, circumstances, and your local market conditions! A wise, prepared seller, is generally, the one, who gets the results, he seeks!

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How To Prepare, To SELL Your Home?

For a variety of reasons, every day, certain individuals, decide, it’s the right time, for them, to sell their home, and relocate. Sometimes, this is done, because of job – related purposes, and needs, while at others, there might be a desire to, either up – size, or down – size. Regardless of one’s reasons, and/ or, purposes, it is wise to proceed, in an intelligent, focused, effective, efficient manner, so you might be able to SELL your home, for the highest possible price, in the shortest period of time, with a minimum of hassle/ stress. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, examine, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, some basic considerations, in order to achieve your primary objectives, and/ or purposes.

1. Strategy/ strategic; service; systems; strengths: A wise homeowner proceeds, with a focused, strategy, in order to achieve the finest, possible objectives. This requires strategic planning, based on putting, the strongest possible face on the home, emphasizing unique systems, etc, and enticing potential home buyers, to be attracted, positively, to your property, instead of the competition!

2. Encourage; emphasis; excellence; energy; entice: Homeowners must take a hands – on, proactive, course, rather than sitting back, and believing, all it takes, is listing, it, etc! How one encourages potential, qualified buyers, and gets several real estate agents, to bring their customers and clients, often, makes the difference, between, the best results, and lesser ones! How will you, your chosen agent, and the house, itself, entice others, to seriously consider, your home? Seriously, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses, and emphasize areas of excellence. Are there any, energy – efficiencies, etc, which will make your home, stand – out, in a positive way?

3. Listen; learn; lessons: Smart homeowners, listen to their real estate professionals, and learn, the best, relevant lessons, in order to make this the best, easiest process, possible! Will you listen, and follow instructions, so you, and your agent, will act, as a team, to achieve the best, possible results?

4. Leading; leads: How will your agent, gather the best leads, who are both, motivated, and qualified, to take the best action? Will your agent, be leading, the market, or following others?

If you decide, to sell your home, doesn’t it make sense to proceed, in the smartest, possible manner, in order to get it sold, proactively, and SELL your house, in an efficient, effective way, in order to receive the highest possible price, in the shortest period of time, with a minimum of hassle/ stress? Will you be a smart homeowner, or a disappointed one?

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