How can I become a kinder person

How do I become a better person?

As soon as I typed the title, I thought that this would not be an easy post today - and yes, this post is anything but easy. Because - what is a good person? Or a better person? And who actually defines who or what is good or less good? Nevertheless, the topic is somehow burning on my tongue - not because I would say that I am such a good person today, but because I know that two or three years ago I was still a light path from where I am today.

I consciously say "How do I become a better person" and not "How do I become a good person“Because I feel that I don't have the right to decide what is good and what is bad. I say betterbecause that is exactly my goal - to be a better person every day than the day before. And when I look back on a past year, I can proudly say "Yes, I became a better person“.

To me, being a better person means being at peace with yourself. To be happy and positive, if not always, at least most of the time. Not judging others and having a clear conscience. To be proud not only of what you look like, but above all of your actions and words. And at the end of the day to be able to look back happily on the day - without feelings of guilt, without hatred.


What do I do to be a better person?


I have a few basic principles, mantras so to speak, that I try to live by. These mantras help me to be a better person - to others and to myself. Often one thinks that small gestures and actions can do nothing - nonsense! I think that it is only the many small things that can add up to make a big difference.


  • If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.

Okay, it's not that bad - of course I don't just say positive things, on the contrary. But I have set myself the goal, and almost always keep it, not to say things from behind that I would not say to others' faces. If you'd tell me to my face that you think I'm fat and ugly, then go for it - please talk to all of your friends about it. But if you didn't have the courage to tell me personally in the same way, then don't do it. It works really well for me and I have to say that since I've been living this way and saving bad words, I am also much happier with myself.


  • Don't judge anyone until you've walked in their shoes

Yes! Another thing that I sign a hundred percent and follow. A few years ago I judged people very, very often without knowing or questioning what was behind them. Something I'm definitely not proud of. You never know why someone is homeless, overweight, addicted to drugs, or depressed - and unless you have gone through the same thing as that person, you have no right to judge them. Point.


  • Smile, you can't kill them all.

Sounds tough at first, but is (almost) meant seriously. Some people make life unnecessarily difficult for themselves by letting every word, every opinion get too close to them and sometimes taking it far too personally. I really enjoy discussing, but I also know when to avoid a discussion. Sometimes it is just not worthwhile to put strength, heart or energy into something that has no effect on the other person anyway. Knowing when it makes sense to be persuasive and express your own opinion and when it is better to just smile and nod has made my life a lot easier.


  • Try first, then judge.

And don't approach a situation negatively from the start. If you really don't like it, don't like it or enjoy it, you can still get upset enough about it in retrospect. But talking negatively in advance or being dragged down by the matter doesn’t help you or anyone else.


  • You can do everything, but not all at once.

Admitting your own weakness is one of the hardest things you will ever do. I know it from myself - you want to be strong all the time, you don't allow any feelings because they could distract you from your path, you want to do ten projects at the same time and ideally all of them should be finished the day before yesterday. In the last few weeks I have learned that my body is not a machine either, and I try to really consciously take time for myself. Certainly there are days and weeks when there is a lot to do - but I don't let that take my free time and the time for me anymore. Consciously switch off, consciously put down the cell phone, consciously do nothing - even if it is difficult for me.


  • Your body is your temple.

Sounds trite - but it really is. Take good care of your body, you only have one. You can treat your body like crap for a long time - it often forgives you for a while - but at some point you almost always get the punishment for it. I try to add as little bad thing to my body as possible - although here too, of course, it is difficult to say what is really bad. I have found a healthy balance for myself, which I am satisfied with and which my body accepts well. I love sweets, so why should I go without them? As long as I eat my salad and vegetables to the same extent, who cares? I love to spend hours looking for series or standing in the kitchen to bake, but I also do sport every day, not to lose weight, but to be able to counteract the burdens of life with a strong body. Balance - as much as I would like to choose this word as the bad word of the year - it simply makes the difference.


  • Positive attracts positive.

I am a very positive person - a quality that my boyfriend has always valued in me. I laugh a lot and no matter which curmudgeon face some people meet me with, I won't let my positive nature be taken away from me. My optimism is my strength and I am sure that it has mainly helped me to achieve many of my favorite goals so far. I work a lot for my dreams and am always optimistic - ready to give everything. And I'm sure that this attitude goes a long way towards actually achieving goals.

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