A BYOF restaurant would work

A newly developed Corona app is intended to ease the pandemic. Restaurateurs and event organizers could soon benefit from the functions.

  • A new corona-App called "Luca " is intended to facilitate contact tracking.
  • Events and Dining out should thus be made possible again during the pandemic.
  • The musician Smudo has to the new App participated.

Kassel - You should during the Corona pandemic to relax: With the help of the new Luca app operators can simplify contact tracing - this could soon be possible for openings in the catering and event industry. But how does the promising app work?

With the Luca app it is intended to make it easier for operators, event organizers and health authorities to track contacts. The software was developed by the rapper, among others Smudo as well as the other members of the hip-hop group "Die Fantastischen Vier" and is intended as an addition to Corona warning app Tobe offered. But what is the difference between it and the app from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI)?

The app is intended to ease the corona: With Luca, contacts can be easily tracked

Like the news portal infranken.de must be reported as opposed to the Corona app of the RKI Luca First a profile is created, which is then an individual one QR code is allocated. For example, restaurateurs in restaurants can use this code to scan their guests and event visitors can in turn check in themselves in the app. The user interface of the Luca app shows how long the stay has been going on and how many people are registered for the same event.

Surname: Luca
Operating system:Android, iOS
Developer: neXenio, culture4life
Contributors:The fantastic Four

In restaurants it is also shown which table number has been occupied - therefore, innkeepers and operators do not have to record contacts independently. In addition, the Corona app about other special functions. For events you can digital tickets embedded and an automatic check-out is carried out as soon as you move too far from your original position.

New Corona app: Health authorities are to be "massively relieved"

Another difference to the Corona warning app is that the health authorities are directly involved in the Contact tracking to be included. This means that they are the only ones able to read the data in the encrypted QR code. According to Smudo the health authorities are to be “massively relieved”. However, the respective health department must first contact the Luca system connected to the app.

Luca should enable openings - the Corona app is already being tested

In addition, the App be very sure. As the operator informs on the website, all generated data is decentrally encrypted and only in the case of one Corona infection the respective health department can see this. This means that contacts can be tracked safely and securely and are also automatically deleted after 30 days. Luca is already being used extensively on the islands of Sylt, Amrum and Föhr and some federal states could follow suit. Baden-Württemberg is already interested in implementation.

Luca so provides a bright spot in the Corona lockdown. But who is not App If you want to download or do not have a smartphone available, Luca can also use another way. With the help of an additional web version, the program is to be made accessible to all sections of the population. (Alina Schröder)

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