What is Jeanne Moreau famous for?

The weekly review in simple language
Jeanne Moreau was a famous show player. She was from the country of France. Jeanne Moreau has appeared in over 130 films. Now she has died. She turned 89 years old.
This is Jeanne Moreau in the film "Elevator to the Scaffold". It is from 1958. (imago / United Archives)

Jeanne Moreau was born in Paris in 1929. She started acting at the age of 19. Then she also took part in films. One of them is called "Elevator to the Scaffold". Scaffold is an old word. It is used for devices that have been used to behead people. Jeanne Moreau became famous with the film.

After that she worked with many famous film makers. For example with Orson Welles and Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Another important film is called "Jules and Jim". It's about two men. They are both in love with the same woman.

Jeanne Moreau also sang. She has made several records. And it has won important awards. For example an Oscar for her life's work. Lebens-Werk means: For all films that she has made in her life.

Which does ______________ mean ...

  • France
    France is a neighbor of Germany. It is almost twice the size of Germany. But there are a little fewer people living there. The people of France speak French. Like Germany, France belongs to the EU, i.e. to the European Union.
  • Oscar
    The Oscars are the most famous film awards in the world. They are awarded every year. The American Academy of Film Art decides who wins the prizes. The academy is a group of people who are professionally involved in films - actors, film-makers, film-musicians and many others. The Oscars are always given in Hollywood. Hollywood belongs to the big city of Los Angeles in the country USA. The Oscar is a golden figure.