Can attack Pink Panther Black Panther

A man has my dream job. I don't know what the exact name is, so I can only hope that you are familiar with Blake Edwards' "Pink Panther" films from the 1960s and therefore know what the main character, the slightly idiot Inspector Clouseau (Peter Sellers), is expecting. when he comes home in the evening. If not, you have something in common with him: he doesn't know what to expect either. Or where and when.

He has an employee or servant named Cato (Burt Kwouk) who is trained in martial arts and whose job it is to surprise his master in his own four walls. Why? A very good question. Presumably as training to keep the inspector on alert at all times. Never feel safe. Not even in your own apartment after work. It's never really explained. Fifty years ago, viewers were still trusted to explain one thing or the other to themselves or, if necessary, to cope with not understanding everything one hundred percent, just like in real life.

In "Return of the Pink Panther", for example, the first film in which the servant Cato appears, Inspector Clouseau comes home once fully laden with purchases. "Cato?" He pronounces it in the original in a fantasy French, because Clouseau is French and works for the Paris police. "Keto?" Silence. Clouseau suspiciously walks around possible hiding spots, looks behind a door with his free hand shaped into a karate hand, stalks a wooden bead curtain, and leaps through it with a roar. Nothing, the air seems to be pure. Clouseau goes into the kitchen, visibly relaxed. When he opens the refrigerator, Cato jumps out, covered in snow, he must have stayed in it for ages. A bitter duel ensues, which is ended when the phone rings, whereupon Cato leaves his employer to take the call like a normal butler: "Inspector Clouseau's residence?"

In another film in the series, Cato surprises Clouseau in bed at night. He sneaks up, rushes at the inspector with a battle cry and chokes him. Clouseau, who went to sleep in a judo suit to be on the safe side, managed to break free. A bitter duel ensues. Clouseau has his servant in a stranglehold when the phone rings. He picks up the receiver and holds it to Cato's ear. The one without batting an eyelid: "Inspector Clouseau's Residence?"

Another time Cato falls from above onto Clouseau's bed. He had been lurking on the canopy, which he is now pulling down with him. It comes to a bitter duel, until suddenly the phone ...

It's about everything in these struggles, life and death. The furniture is laid to rubble, the television explodes, the apartments below are damaged, there is neither consideration nor mercy, there is only hand to hand. What would I like to be this Cato, at least sometimes, what a wonderful way of earning a living. The task is so clear that you would live in Paris, you would be relatively free to organize your days, and you would also be paid to reduce aggression. But unfortunately, I hate to answer the phone.