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Shaolin Kung Fu training trips to China

If you are not only interested in China's nature and culture, but also want to get to know China's martial arts, you should take part in one of our Shaolin Kung Fu training trips. You can get to know the real Shaolin Kung Fu martial art in an international culture and martial arts school in the home of the Shaolin and be trained by masters from Shaolin. Shaolin Kung Fu training is suitable for both beginners and experienced martial arts athletes. In addition to Shaolin Kung Fu, training for Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Wushu and Sanda is also possible. The training program is followed by a cultural trip through China as a pre- or post-program. You will visit the most important travel destinations and attractions in China. The famous Shaolin monastery and the Yuntai Geopark, which is on the UNESCO list, can also be visited during the stay in the culture and martial arts school or on the tour.

In addition to the 15- and 30-day training trips during the summer holidays, you can choose from another group trip with almost 20 guaranteed departure dates per year, as well as a private trip on your preferred date.


The school

The Kung Fu training is carried out in the "Yun Tai Mountain International Culture And Martial Arts School" in Jiaozuo. The school is a traditional Shaolin Kung Fu school and teaches students from all over the world in all different Kung Fu styles such as Shaolin Kung Fu, Modern Wushu, Sanda / Sanshou (Chinese boxing), Tai Chi, Qi Gong, etc.

This culture and martial arts school was founded by master trainer Xie Xu Yong (Buddhist name Shi Yan Lin), who has many years of experience in training international students in Shaolin Kung Fu. After a long search, this location was selected in order to implement his own ideas and to give the international students the best possible stay.

The environment

The school is located in a large geological park in the middle of the Yuntai Mountains, which has fantastic rock formations, gorges, spectacular waterfalls and calm rivers. In the middle of nature, far away from the thousands of Kung Fu students, it is the ideal place to learn Shaolin Kung Fu. You can just sit on a stone, watch the butterflies and listen to the melodious singing of the birds. The perfect place to train and to be in the beauty of nature during breaks.

The accommodation

There are 120 double rooms available. All student rooms are in the main building, right next to the cafeteria and are bright and spacious. Equipped with our own toilet, shower, air conditioning and TV, we can guarantee a pleasant stay in both summer and winter. All rooms have two single beds, a wardrobe and a table and chair. During the summer two students usually share a room, while this can be a little different in winter, as there are fewer students in the school at this time of the year. A PC with DSL Internet connection is available free of charge. If you want to bring your own laptop, you can use the school's WiFi connection.

The catering

The students eat their meals together in the cafeteria. The full board service includes three hot meals a day, seven days a week. Breakfast consists of traditional bread rolls, Chinese oatmeal, etc. Lunch and dinner both consist of rice with a wide range of vegetables, as well as fish and meat. Vegetarians are also catered for.
Life at school
There are breaks between the individual training units. The students value this time very much and use it to rest. Sometimes they also like to use their free time to train independently, meditate, read, go for a walk or listen to music, etc.

The students can occasionally explore the Yuntai Mountains, or they have the opportunity to visit the Shaolin Temple in Henan Province. Sightseeing tours are offered regularly.

The trainers

All trainers practice these martial arts from childhood. They all have a lot of teaching experience and speak Chinese and English. Shaolin Wushu training includes traditional and modern styles, as well as internal and external forms.

The training program

The first step in becoming a good martial artist is strengthening your body. Daily fitness training and increased flexibility are absolutely necessary for this: "Hard training and perseverance is the way to learn real Kung Fu." - Shi Yanlin Foreign students are taught by our authentic Shaolin masters from the original Shaolin temple. They are highly qualified martial artists with excellent educational skills, personality and experience who have been instructed by master trainer Xie Xu Yong (Shi Yanlin). Shi Yanlin is one of the first-class Kung Fu masters from Shaolin with a great deal of teaching experience with foreign students. The training times vary depending on the season.

The curriculum

Shaolin Kung Fu can be divided into three levels:

  1. In the basic level, the student trains form and expression.
  2. In the next stage, mind and fist are connected, the tangible is transformed into something intangible, the law into something lawless: without rules, without following certain movements, controlling the opponent with the intangible. An old boxing guideline says: "Fight an opponent with the intangible or the fall will come."
  3. The highest level of Shaolin Kung Fu says to let oneself be guided by the heart and to strive for the formless rather than the form.

The curriculum is based on these three principles.

Your personal preparation

The best preparation for your trip, in addition to relaxation of body and mind, some additional exercises such as jogging (about 2 km per day), stretching, cycling, swimming, push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and a balanced diet are helpful.

Actually, any kind of sport that promotes muscle building and endurance makes sense.

The age restriction

If you are under 18, your parents must confirm that you can come to us. In addition, students under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult. Every student who cannot travel alone needs someone to accompany them. There is no upper age limit.

The travel programs

In the following you will find a detailed description of the itinerary, the services and the travel prices of 4 Shaolin Kung Fu training trips.

On the group tour “Shaolin Kung Fu Training Tour”, which is guaranteed for 1 person or more, you will settle in China on a round trip with Beijing, Xian and Shanghai before the training course in the culture and martial arts school begins. You can extend the training.

Following the Shaolin Kung Fu training on the two group tours during the summer vacation, you will experience a 7 or 10-day cultural tour through China. You will visit the old imperial cities such as Xian, Luoyang, Kaifeng, Zhengzhou and Beijing. Sightseeing programs also include a visit to the Shaolin Monastery and the Yuntai Geopark.

With the private Shaolin Kung Fu training trip you can change or expand the travel program individually after the training. We would be happy to make you an individual offer. Just ask us!

Shaolin Kung Fu training trips

  • Shaolin Kung Fu training trip
    Classic China tour with Shaolin Kung Fu training in Yuntaishan and with a performance guarantee from 1 person
    15 days [Shaolin Kung Fu], from € 1369
    Beijing - Xian - Shanghai - Zhengzhou - Yuntaishan - Zhengzhou
  • Shaolin Kung Fu training and China tour 15 days
    8 days Kung Fu training on Yuntaishan near Shaolin and 7 days round trip through China
    15 days [Shaolin Kung Fu], from € 1199
    Zhengzhou - Jiaozuo - Yuntaishan - Jiaozuo - Xian - Luoyang - Shaolin - Zhengzhou - Beijing
  • Shaolin Kung Fu training and China round trip 30 days
    20 days Kung Fu training on Yuntaishan near Shaolin and 10 days round trip through China
    30 days [Shaolin Kung Fu], from € 1799
    Zhengzhou - Jiaozuo - Yuntaishan - Jiaozuo - Shaolin - Luoyang - Xian - Luoyang - Zhengzhou - Kaifeng - Zhengzhou - Beijing
  • Shaolin Kung Fu Training and China Private Tour
    Shaolin Kung Fu training in China with a private trip to the classic travel destinations of China
    17 days [Shaolin Kung Fu], from € 1115
    Zhengzhou - Yuntaishan - Zhengzhou - Luoyang - Xian - Beijing - Shanghai

Further private trips in Henan

  • Henan and the Yellow River
    A compact trip through Henan and along the Yellow River
    5 days [Henan private trips], from € 366
    Sanmenxia - Luoyang - Mengjin - Luoyang - Dengfeng - Zhengzhou - Kaifeng - Zhengzhou
  • Henan, Yutaishan Geopark and Taihang Grand Canyon
    A classic round trip through Henan to the cultural and historical sites and to the beautiful national geo and forest parks
    6 days [Henan private trips], from € 538
    Zhengzhou - Dengfeng - Luoyang - Jiaozuo - Linzhou - Anyang - Kaifeng - Zhengzhou
  • Imperial Henan and Shaolin Kung Fu
    An extensive round trip to discover imperial cities, national parks, kung fu martial arts and folk customs in Henan
    12 days [Henan private trips], from € 1114
    Zhengzhou - Kaifeng - Zhengzhou - Anyang - Jiaozuo - Luoyang - Dengfeng - Pingdingshan - Zhengzhou
  • Henan panorama
    A great private trip through Henan to experience Central China intensely
    13 days [Henan private trips], from € 1271
    Zhengzhou - Kaifeng - Zhengzhou - Anyang - Jiaozuo - Luoyang - Dengfeng - Pingdingshan - Xinyang - Zhengzhou

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