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The Textbroker Guide: Proofreading Made Easy

Do you know that: The text is finished and now you have to proofread before submitting it. You check it out and you are sure that you have found all the errors. But when you save it in the system, you suddenly see a typo. And shouldn't there be a comma at this point? So that this doesn't happen to you, we have put together practical tips on everything to do with proofreading in our latest Textbroker Guide.

The biggest stumbling block is the notorious operational blindness. If you have worked on your text for a long time, at some point you will practically know it by heart. The result: mistakes are simply overlooked because your brain automatically completes the words as you read. Often it is said that you should let someone else read about the text. After all, four eyes see more than two. On the one hand, very few freelancers have a colleague who is present and has time for it. On the other hand, this is not exactly practical if you write several articles a week or even a day. There are simple tips for that, however Proofreadingthat you can use all by yourself to improve the quality of your texts. You can find a brief summary of the six most interesting tricks in our new infographic:

Try these tips out on your next assignment and find out which of these approaches will be most successful for you personally. You do not necessarily have to carry out all the steps with every text, only those that also fit the type of order and your personal process. Because this is the only way to work effectively.
We wish you good luck!

Do you have any feedback on this article or do you know a few other tricks that we haven't listed? Then just write us a comment under this post. Let your fellow writers and us know how you go about it. We're looking forward to your response!
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