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Hamburg: Corona celebrity scrapbook brings in 155,700 euros for culture

Hamburg celebrities with "Schnutenpulli" in the Panini sticker album: Many celebrities from the Hanseatic city responded to an appeal and had themselves photographed with a corona mask for the booklet - with great success.

With a charity Corona edition of the famous scrapbook, the creators were able to collect around 155,700 euros for the culture, club and art scene in the Hanseatic city. "We are absolutely thrilled. Our ambitious donation goal was 100,000 euros. It is great that we are now even significantly higher than this amount," said Oliver Wurm, who came up with the idea for the help scrapbook together with Alexander Böker.

More than 200 Hamburgers, including many celebrities, responded to the call from the staplers and their partners and photographed themselves with and without a corona protective mask.

There were mask selfies and recordings by Hamburg's Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD), panic rocker Udo Lindenberg, Bishop Kirsten Fehrs and influencer Caro Daur as well as TV chef Tim Mälzer, musician Jan Delay, presenter Tobi Schlegl and numerous other musicians, authors, athletes , Actors, journalists and politicians. The album has become a piece of contemporary history, say Wurm and Böker. The special charity edition had the motto "# TeamHamburg-Album".

Money will be distributed in May

According to Böker and Wurm, the money will now be handed over to the MenschHamburg association at the end of May, which will distribute it to artists and cultural workers via a 15-person committee.

50,000 albums and 2.5 million stickers were used for the campaign on the original Panini printing machines in Italy. The printing costs for the Panini scrapbook of the Hamburg company "Juststickit!" von Böker and Wurm have taken over around 20 brands and companies from the city, which also received a sticker in the 36-page booklet. With this, collectors could glue a total of 240 pictures.

Wurm and Böker have already published more than 50 Panini scrapbooks for cities, federal states, football clubs as well as for the Elbphilharmonie and Germany for 70 years.

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