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Prepare the application

In order to save work and money, the application is limited to a maximum of seven universities, as almost all universities charge a processing fee for the application. It is best to do some research on the Internet first. Most American universities present themselves there and you can reach them faster by e-mail and save postage.

In order to avoid unnecessary stress, you should send an initial request to the universities at least one year before the start of your studies. In order to receive the application documents of the respective university, you have to enter the following data:

  • Name, age, nationality
  • Full address
  • Abitur, vocational diploma or examination results, study results
  • Main subject and desired start of study
  • Financing plan
  • Results of TOEFL, SAT and other entrance tests (if available)

Entrance tests and certificates

If you start your studies in September, you should take the tests in January (registration is usually six weeks in advance). It is essential to clarify beforehand which tests the respective university requires. The test results must reach the universities before the end of the enrollment period.

You have to read the application documents very carefully and then fill out the application form properly and carefully.
American universities either check the certificates / documents themselves or require special agencies to check them (at the applicant's expense). All certificates and documents must be sent as certified copies.

Many universities require applicants to submit a personal statement in order to see whether they are suitable for the university, can express themselves, meet the requirements for academic and organized work and what the reasons are for choosing the school or subject. Accordingly, you should write the text carefully and honestly and let someone else look through it again before sending it.

Letters of recommendation

Typically, each applicant must have at least two letters of recommendation. Some universities have forms for letters of recommendation, some of which have to be accompanied by a certified translation (it is best to ask the university in question). Letters of recommendation must have an official character and be recognizable as official documents.

Statement of financial resources

The "Declaration and Certification of Finances" or "Affidavit of Financial Support" forms are now required by almost all universities: It is a declaration that is provided by the applicant's parents or by the institution that is supposed to pay for the costs of the study visit , signed and certified by a lawyer or a bank. It is very important to keep a copy of this letter as you will need it to apply for a visa.

Submission deadlines

The submission deadlines vary from university to university. Mostly they are between January and March. But there are also other dates and you should always apply as early as possible.

You have to send the complete application documents to the university in good time, preferably by registered mail or courier service, and inquire by email or phone whether the documents have been received. A copy of the application should be kept ready in case something is lost.

Semi-annual admission

Application deadlines for half-yearly admission are usually six to nine months before the enrollment date. Please note: some scholarships do not apply to half-year admission.

Admission interviews

There are universities in the US that also interview applicants outside of the US. For example, this is done by former students who are in other countries. If you have the opportunity for such an interview, you should definitely take it.


About four to five months before the start of your studies you will receive an acceptance or rejection from the university, which you then have to confirm or reject again by a fixed date. Now is the time to look for a student room.

Standard application

At www.commonapp.org there is a standardized application form that is used by almost 300 American universities. This makes the application process a lot easier, but it also has certain disadvantages: The applications are not specifically tailored to each university.


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