Is telegony real for people

The science of telegonics is a myth or a reality?

Does Telegonia exist? Let's try to understand this question. Have you heard of such a science? If not, now is the time to find out what she is studying. So, is telegonia a myth or a reality? Let's find out. Very little is said now about heredity and chastity. In ancient times everything was different, then there were a number of ethical rules.

The science of virginity

In the nineteenth century, geneticists discoveredthe phenomenon of telegonia. The name of science was formed from the words "body" - in the distance, and "goniya" - hormones or sex glands. As a result of this phenomenon, the first sexual partner in a woman's life has a decisive influence on the offspring.


It is believed that the first sexual partner determines the gene pool of offspring regardless of when and by whom the children are born. A man who violated a girl's virginity becomes the father of his child's genetics. All women should know this so as not to make a mistake, which, unfortunately, cannot be corrected.

After the discovery of telegonia began, it was immediately hidden from the public, as the fact of its existence prevented the sexual revolution and other global changes in society.


Many people who get married want to have children, but not all know how virgin cleanliness affects their health. Our ancestors believed that a woman who walked would not have a healthy child. She was severely punished for her unhappy life. Such a girl was considered spoiled, which meant that she was not worthy of marriage.

Telegonia - a Myth or a Reality?

It all started a long time ago. Over a hundred years ago, scientists planned to breed a new breed of horse. To increase stamina of endurance, they wanted to cross a horse with a zebra. However tried, the offspring could not be obtained. The horse didn't even get pregnant. After that, such experiments were stopped and forgotten.

But after a while, the mares who took part in the above experiment began to give birth to striped pups from stallions. Then the scientific world called this phenomenon telegony. Numerous studies have confirmed this fact, although dog breeders knew it before. If you breed a thoroughbred dog with a mixed breed dog, even if no puppies are born as a result of the mating, then it is not worth waiting for Pedigree offspring from it in the future.

Called the phenomenon"Telegoniya"

Myth or Reality? This question began to interest scientists after it became known that the effects of the first man worked on animals. You wanted to know whether this phenomenon spreads to humans?

We started a lot of experiments which confirmed the existence of this phenomenon in humans. Scientists have come to the conclusion that telegoniya spreads to us with you.

It happened that after the international celebrations onRussian children in families of Russian husbands were born as negro children. This phenomenon is seen even over generations. If the mother has had contact with an African American, the daughter may also have a baby with a dark skin tone.

In addition, the scientists came to the conclusion that in addition to the external signs of the first partner, internal ones are also transmitted.

Telegonia - a Myth or a Reality? Now the answer to this question is almost obvious as there are a lot of facts to back it up, but it is impossible to say exactly what a phenomenon is.

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