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Samsung Hack 7: Hide Applications and Files on the Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy phones are equipped with a Secure Folder app that acts like a digital safe on the smartphone. Here you can hide applications and files and define a password, PIN or fingerprint scan to protect your smartphone from hackers or other unauthorized access.

To start the Secure Folder application, first click Settings. Then tap on "Biometric data and security" and select the "Safe folder" in the next step.

If you want to add photos, videos or other files to the secure folder in the next step, go to the selected file. Finally, tap on the three dots in the lower right corner of a photo, for example, and tap the option “Move to secure folder”.

You can also use the secure folder in conjunction with regular applications such as camera and calendar: everything that is contained in these apps, such as photos and appointments, does not appear in the regular apps on the Galaxy phone. You can even keep duplicates of your social networking applications like Facebook with separate accounts in this secure folder.