What are museum reviews

Basic knowledge museum

Recommended links on museum practice

The museum - ethics, standards
on the pages of the German Museum Association and on the pages of ICOM Germany:
- Guide to a museum concept
- the ICOM Codex of Ethics
- Standards for museums

Documentation standards
Spectrum 3.1 - Documentation standards for museums
(German translation of "The UK Museum Documentation Standard")

Core process of museum work
Short texts and flow charts for "Spectrum", the UK standard for museum documentation

Museum evaluation
Association questionnaire for self-assessment of museum work


Rules for the segregation and disposal of cultural property (German Museum Association and Museum Association in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania)

Sale of art objects in public ownership (cultural committee of the city council)

Statement by the ICOM National Committee on the sale of publicly owned cultural assets (01/2015)

Ownership / security / digitization

SILK - the safety guide for cultural property on the website of the Conference of National Cultural Institutions (KNK)

The website of the lawyer Dr. Paul Klimpel offers extensive handouts and publications.

Copyrights, personal rights and property rights

An online lecture provides an entertaining and instructive introduction to the stumbling blocks of using images.

In 2018/2019, the association carried out an introductory training course on the topic at three locations (Anklam, Waren, Wismar).

With the new copyright and knowledge society law, the so-called "freedom of catalog images", which has long been the basis of our museum work, has fallen. The German Museum Association has responded and worked out a new museum contract with VG Bild-Kunst within the meaning of Section 35 of the Collecting Society Act, which regulates uniform and affordable tariffs for the reproduction and distribution of works protected by copyright for all museums in Germany.

Who owns the digitized museum pieces is discussed by experts at an event organized by the Wikimedia Foundation, who also describe a very German or neo-feudal or neo-liberal dilemma.

Marion Janke introduced the topic mentioned on June 4, 2012 in a compact training course in Rostock. An overview of the topics covered is published in the weblog.

Donations and gifts

A guide by Werner Iffländer on the subject, which is not always unproblematic.

The Ministry of Culture and Science of Lower Saxony offers a comprehensive guide to the acquisition of museum property for download.

Evaluation of the museum collections (double)

The publicly sponsored museums (municipalities) are required to evaluate their collections as part of the introduction of a new municipal budget and accounting system (Doppik). There are helpful handouts from our colleagues in Hesse.

Tips from the curator

The Saxon State Office for Museum Affairs gives useful tips on dealing with historical books in a three-minute film.