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The Mandukya Karika then deals with the Buddhist theory of Ajativada (non-emergence).
Gaudapada Karika then acknowledges the theory of Ajativada or non-origination of the Buddhas (Buddhists).
According to Nakamura, the Karika not only venerated in the Advaita school, but also held in high esteem in the Vishishtadvaita and Dvaita.
According to Hajime Nakamura, not only was the Gaudapada Karika treasured in the Advaita tradition, the text was revered and highly respected in Vishistadvaita and Dvaita Vedanta schools of Hinduism as well.
I will therefore go into the opposite state in which (...) - Gaudapada Karika 3,1-3,2 Gaudapada opens the third chapter with a criticism of devotional veneration of all kinds and claims that this would lead to the assumption that the Brahman-Atman has arisen again.
I shall therefore speak of the nonmiserable state in which (...) -Gaudapada Karika 3.1-2 Translator: Karl Potter Gaudapada opens this chapter by criticizing devotional worship of any form, and states that this assumes that the Brahman-Atman is born.
In chapter 10 of the Karika Then a fourth state of consciousness of the self is presented - Turiya - full of non-duality (Advaita), all-pervading, immutable and without worries (Duhkha).
In Karika 10, the text states there is a fourth state of the Self, called Turiya, one of Advaita (nonduality), all pervading, unchanging and without Dukkha (sorrow).
Of these, two are of greater importance: Spanda Sandoha (this commentary is only about the first verses of Spanda Karika), and the Spanda Nirnaya (which is a commentary on the whole text).
Out of them, two are of major importance: Spanda Sandoha (this commentary talks only about the first verses of Spanda Kārikā), and Spanda Nirṇaya (which is a commentary of the complete text).
The description of these states in the Mandukya Karika According to Arvind Sharma, it is very similar to comparable descriptions in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad and other ancient texts of Hinduism.
The description of these states of self are similar, states Arvind Sharma, to those found in Brihadaranyaka Upanishad and other ancient Hindu texts.
Karika Salin, who has been in charge of the park for three years, said it was modernized with $ 500,000 from the US Department of International Development and Care International.
Karima Salik has been the manager for the last three years and explains that the large park is being modernized with the aid of 500000 dollars donated by the United States Agency for International Development and Care International.
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