What is the name of this phone

Which Android phone do I have? This is how you determine your model

Which smartphone do I have? You may have asked yourself this question before. And it is sometimes not easy to answer. We'll tell you where to find this information.

There are many Android smartphones on the market, and manufacturers regularly bring new devices to market. Only now, the manufacturer Samsung presented its new series Samsung Galaxy S20 and the foldable Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Since the names of some cell phone models hardly differ, the answer to the question "Which smartphone do I have?" Is sometimes not that easy. The information is interesting, among other things, if you are talking to others about your device or want to sell it.

Enter the code or take a look at the settings

There are several ways to find out which smartphone you have. The data can be found on the box in which the device was originally delivered. However, this is not always available, but may have been disposed of. In such cases, simply enter the following code in the phone app: * # 1111 # and then press the green receiver. A page opens where you can find the model number. You can then find more information about the number using Google search.

However, this procedure does not work with all devices. In addition, you don't necessarily want to have to remember the tax code if there is an alternative. Fortunately, there are: Open the settings on your smartphone and scroll down to "Phone info". Here you will find the model number and the serial number listed.

Note, however: The way to the desired information differs a little from manufacturer to manufacturer, as they each use their own user interface. Instead of “phone info” like with Samsung, the point is called by other providers, for example “About the phone” or “My device”.

Which smartphone do I have? The ways to answer

  • All relevant information about your mobile phone, including the serial number, can be found on the original box.
  • There is also a code that tells you the model number.
  • In the phone app, type in * # 1111 # and press the handset icon.
  • However, this code does not work on all devices.
  • Alternatively, you can also look in the settings of your mobile phone.
  • The exact route varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.
  • Look for menu items such as "Phone info", "About the phone" or "My device", among other things.

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