Can oil-absorbing mats also absorb water


Mat, roll form
Oil, water
Other properties
flame retardant


Rolls are ideal for covering large areas and absorbing leaks and overspray. Recycled and renewable cellulose fibers make the PIG BLUE® adsorption mat the best adsorbent mat made from recycled fibers on the market. The heavy-weight design of the mat ensures that it is very durable and absorbent and can be used for demanding tasks and extensive cleaning. The strong, extremely absorbent mat does not disintegrate, not even with maximum liquid absorption. Strongly adsorbing fibers hold back liquids, the floor remains non-slip and fall-proof. Recycled and renewable cellulose fibers from sustainable sources. The recycled raw material makes this mat ideal for environments in which "green" products are desired or required. Extremely efficient and durable, you need fewer mats and therefore have less waste. Durable, the heat-fused outer layers are abrasion-resistant and tear and wear-resistant with normal use. Adsorbs oils, coolants, solvents and water. The mat should not be used on highly concentrated acids, corrosive liquids or other aggressive liquids. Their fire-retardant properties ensure additional safety. It does not ignite in open flames. The mats are perforated and can be easily adjusted to the required size. Can be burned after use to avoid waste or as an admixture with fuel. This eliminates the need to deposit the adsorption mats.
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