Is 20 days sufficient for CAT

Cat S42 outdoor smartphone: from 0 to 100 in 20 minutes

Good to know

- The Cat S42 is a real outdoor smartphone in the 250 euro class.
- It's not as classy as the more expensive models.
- The equipment is reduced to the essentials.
- The internal memory is very small at 32 GB.

The Cat brand has set the standard for outdoor smartphones. But other manufacturers are getting a bigger bite from the outdoor market with cheaper devices. Cat phones has now reacted to this and launched the S42 for around 240 euros.

How can that be, where did Cat save? This question was the motivation for us to test the third Cat mobile phone in a row after the S61 (740 euros, profi 7/2019) and the S31 (329 euros, profi 6/2018).

The device is delivered in a sturdy cardboard box, with a mains charger including a cable and a quick guide. That’s it. The slots for two SIM cards and a micro SD card as well as the sockets are closed with sturdy rubber flaps. Getting the data from a Google account onto the device worked without a hitch. What puzzled us, however, was the cell phone's life of its own. When using a dictation machine at the same time or in the vicinity of a radio, the S42 caused humming noises in them. Presumably the device was loading large amounts of data in the background in order to update the system or the apps.

The S42 has phone number suppression from the factory. In order to deactivate this, intensive internet research was necessary. Because both the enclosed, otherwise useless booklet as well as the operating instructions on the Internet ...