Which game urgently needs a sequel?

These ten games need a sequel

Many franchises continue annually. But there are also games that deserve a sequel, but have not yet received any.

For many gamers, sequels are a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they mean a reunion with cherished characters and locations, on the other hand, regular sequels often go hand in hand with a lack of innovation. Continuing a franchise doesn't always bring about a continuation of the story. Often only the familiar gameplay mechanics are retained, but are used in a different setting with other characters. Examples of this include Final Fantasy, Call of Duty, and GTA, among others. Final Fantasy XV has very little in common with Final Fantasy XIII or Final Fantasy XII in terms of story and characters. Nevertheless, just by the name Final Fantasy we know roughly which graphic style and which game mechanics await us.

In other game series, however, it is definitely a gripping story or a popular character that motivates players to buy the next part of the series. In some games, the developers dare a generation change, such as Gears of War, where the fourth part focuses on the son of the original protagonist. Such narrative patterns work best in science fiction and fantasy worlds, in a leap in time the setting does not change much. But often the main character itself is the biggest selling point for a game. The best example of this is the Tomb Raider series, which stands and falls with the character Lara Croft. A hypothetical new Tomb Raider starring Lara's daughter in 2040 would certainly have a harder time making it in the market, even if the gameplay included all of the familiar mechanics.

But while some settings and characters are marketed ad nauseam, others don't get the attention they deserve. Over the past few years, game developers have started many good stories but never finished them. We'll show you games that deserve a sequel, but haven't got it (yet).

The games deserve a sequel

10. Half-life

Hope is again for Half-Life 3. But no certainty. Fans of the shooter have been waiting for a successor for over 10 years. In a recent interview, Gabe Newell denied rumors that Half-Life 3 had been discontinued. The only thing that is certain is that Valve is currently working on a single player game. Whether it will be a successor to Half-Life is in the stars.

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