What are the disadvantages of refrigerator water

What are the cons of installing sediment filters outdoors this way?

On the far left, the incoming water pipe is divided into two flexible (?) Pipes, each of which leads to the inlet of each filter. The outlet of both filters is connected to one another with a T-connector in the middle. Water exiting both filters exits through the center exit of the tee.

On the one hand, I think it's a good idea as it uses standard 10-inch filters which I think are under-challenged for outdoor POE filters. This helps in filtering the load by having 2 filters doing a common job at the same time and preventing the water flow from slowing down if one of the filters becomes severely clogged over time. On the other hand, I'm not sure if there is any downside or danger that I don't see, which makes this type of setup a bad practice

Ed Beal

I don't see any disadvantage as long as the filters are installed correctly with the inlet at the ends and the outlet in the middle. The second filter may have been added to reduce the pressure drop you are suggesting.


Are you very sure that you will never have frost / frost problems in your area?


This is a fairly common setting to get high flow through smaller, cheaper filters. Two 10 gpm filters can be used to effectively achieve a total flow of 20 gpm.

In this particular case, the flexible pipes, the mix of galvanized and brass parts, and the lack of shut-off valves and pressure gauges are screaming for me for an amateur installation, but I don't see anything preventing it from working.


I particularly like the "size down to use a flexible hose" at a major water entry point as an amateur hack-yeesh. "I introduced a restriction here. I'd better add another filter while the restriction remains in place." Clear filter housings in sunlight never cause an algae problem either, right?