What color winter jacket should I buy

Winter jackets: what is important and what should you pay attention to when buying?

We already have the first snow behind us and the first Advent is just around the corner: high time to get the winter jackets out of the wardrobe! Thanks to new cuts and fits, the days when winter fashion looked bulky and marshmallow-esque are luckily over. Are down jackets still popular for women? What should you pay attention to when buying a jacket? And which jackets are currently popular in men's fashion? Today's blog post informs you about the latest fashion trends and introduces you to cool winter jackets that make the cold season much more bearable!

Stylish through snow and ice

Today, women's and men's jackets are no longer just supposed to protect against cold and wet, they have long been part of a harmonious outfit and should therefore definitely look good. Whether a tailored cut, faux fur collar or in a bright color, the winter jacket comes in a wide variety of designs, so that there should be a suitable model for everyone. Of course, beautiful winter jackets should also convince in terms of functionality. We'll tell you what you should definitely pay attention to!

Clarify the requirements

When buying a new winter jacket, your personal requirements play an important role. If you are out and about a lot in the cold season, for example cycling or taking long walks, warm jackets are essential for you. These can also be cut longer so that your back always stays warm. Knitted cuffs on the sleeves provide an extra portion of warmth. If, on the other hand, you spend a lot of time on public transport or in the car, the women's or men's winter jackets don't have to be particularly thickly lined. If you want to buy a winter jacket, you should also take a look at the pockets (Are these big enough?) and the hood (Is there one and can it even be removed if necessary?) throw.

Open your eyes when buying a jacket

Many modern winter jackets are now equipped with special membranes that make the garments water-repellent. Such a coating is definitely an advantage, because you never have to worry about being surprised by a snow or rain shower again. A look at the label on the winter jacket tells you whether the winter jacket has a corresponding membrane. The processing of a winter jacket also plays an important role, after all, your garment should accompany you for a while and withstand different weather conditions. Please do not be blinded by the price: Even cheap winter jackets can be super processed and functional! Checks the zippers, snaps and seams and makes sure that the winter jacket is of convincing quality.

Timeless classic or trendy trend model?

Of course, the look of the winter jacket also plays a decisive role. Are you looking for a jacket that corresponds to the current fashion trends? Or do you want a piece of clothing that you can combine again and again and still wear in a few years? You should definitely answer these questions for yourself before buying a winter jacket. The black winter jacket for women or men will never go out of style and is therefore always a good investment. Another all-time favorite is the down jacket, even if you should prefer synthetic fibers to real down for reasons of animal welfare. In addition, synthetic fibers keep you warm even when wet, while real down then clumps quickly. Long wool coats are very popular in winter fashion 2016/2017 and make you a real eye-catcher. Combine matching women's fashion items such as skinny jeans, boots and a loop scarf and your look is perfect.

Wellensteyn jackets - always a good choice

Wellensteyn winter jackets are a great alternative to down jackets for men or women. The functional jackets from the north German company convince with their functionality and their great appearance. The Schneezauber and Zermatt models are timeless Wellensteyn winter jackets for women that can be combined again and again and are worn with enthusiasm by women around the world. Popular Wellensteyn winter jackets for men are the Hafen Hamburg and Motoro models in a cool biker look.

Off to the cold season!

The next snow is sure to come: So it's best to hit the road straight away and secure a winter jacket that will keep you cozy and warm and fashionable through the cold. Bargain hunters are waiting for the winter jacket sale, which will begin soon, but not all models and sizes will then be available. If you want to strike right away, but cannot bring yourself to leave the cozy couch in the icy temperatures, that's no problem: After all, you can buy your winter jackets online at HoseOnline.de! There you will find many jackets from various fashion brands in a wide variety of colors, cuts and sizes. We wish you a lot of fun browsing and a nice first Advent next week!