Who was Timothy Leary

Timothy Leary - LSD philosopher

"Turn on, Tune in, Drop out!" was one of the slogans of the 60s. Timothy Leary saw in the use of psychedelic substances a way how people could free themselves from their inner constraints and conditioning in order to become new, free people. Of everything that Albert Hoffmann invented, LSD seemed to him suitable as a substance to "reprogram" oneself.

Tomothy Leary put himself in the spotlight and promoted the use of LSD. He organized public "acid tests" at which The Grateful Dead made their first appearances. The potential of LSD fascinated the art and music world, from Dylan to the Beatles ... right into today's club scene.

LSD was initially legal in the 1960s and the consequences of uncontrolled use were in the dark. Timothy Leary knew about the potential of the substance and he always pointed out that it should be taken responsibly. "Set" & Setting ", i.e. the personal well-being of the user and the circumstances in which LSD is taken, were the decisive factors for a positive and therapeutic experience for him. With this, Leary drew on the shamanistic culture of the indigenous peoples, in which psychedelic Substances have played an important role since time immemorial. The bitter fate of the recently deceased Fleetwood Mac co-founder Peter Green, who "got stuck" on an LSD trip and did not recover mentally from it, shows where disregard for "Set & Setting" can lead.

Timothy Leary was persecuted by the police for his public propagation of LSD and discredited as a scientist. He had to flee the USA, was in prison and had to take a lot for his attitude. "Expanding consciousness" remained the central theme for Timothy Leary until his death in 1996. He never approved the use of cocaine, heroin, crack ... even though he was accused of doing so.

Tomothy Leary's theses are discussed intensively to this day and, especially in Switzerland, LSD is used in the therapeutic environment today for the treatment of psychological disorders, depression and in addiction therapy.

Timothy Leary, for some the "seducer", for others a "visionary", died on May 31, 1996, he was 76 years old.

Timothy Leary would have turned 100 today.