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SVDiPA Alliance welcomes current amendments for DiPA in the DVPMG draft

Berlin, May 5, 2021 -The SVDiPA alliance, consisting of five associations from the health and social economy, welcomes the current amendments in the DVPMG with regard to digital care applications. In particular, the division of the entitlement to digital care applications and supplementary support services is a step in the right direction, says SVDiPA spokeswoman Thordis Eckhardt from the digital association FINSOZ. A planned hearing of the associations of the organizations responsible for nursing care facilities at federal level and the leading manufacturers' organizations, on the basis of which the National Association of Long-Term Care Funds will ultimately distribute the flat-rate benefit entitlements, is positive for the alliance, comments Anne Sophie Geier from the SVDGV.

The set decision deadline of a maximum of three months until inclusion in the directory for digital care applications is also well received. "Without such a regulation, disputes between manufacturers, care facilities and the care funds would have been expected", says Thomas Knieling from VDAB. The DiPA Alliance also considers the first-time regulation with regard to the requirements to be guaranteed for data protection and information security of digital care applications to be progress. It would benefit the acceptance and use of DiPAs in the nursing and health care market.

However, the capped total amount of 50.00 euros would remain problematic, comments Thomas Eisenreich from the BBD, because the nursing application support in particular is time-consuming. "Growing personnel costs, e.g. B. through the politically desired increasing remuneration of employees in the care and support, lead to a factual time reduction of the necessary care application support in the coming years. "

From the point of view of the association alliance, the draft also lacks the inclusion of the large affected and user group of caring relatives, explains Hendrik Dohmeyer of the same association. This group has not yet been considered in any draft of the DVPMG. Likewise, any settings for digital care applications for use and reimbursement in inpatient long-term care have not been mentioned so far, adds Thordis Eckhardt.

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FINSOZ goes future - brand relaunch and image film strengthen digital orientation

Berlin, April 29, 2021FINSOZ goes future: FINSOZ took the anniversary year 2020 as an opportunity to further expand its IT and digital competence for the benefit of its members and the industry. In addition to the general IT and digital topics that FINSOZ has been pursuing for ten years, the focus in the coming years will be primarily on the technological drivers of the future - the telematics infrastructure (TI) in the socio-economic fields of work, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) as well as digital competence and digital participation, digital assistance systems and specialist software. At the same time, greater attention is being paid to digital care applications (DiPA) and the technological infrastructure and equipment of digital care properties.

This sharpening of the profile in terms of content is also expressed in a relaunch of the Corporte Identity (CI) - in terms of naming, logo, color and shape. The CI changes bring the digital competence of FINSOZ in a nutshell in the new decade:

  • Relaunch of the word-image brand based on the original logo
  • Modernization of the font
  • A shade of red is added to the color scheme
  • Sharpening of the slogan with the addition "Digitalverband FINSOZ"

This relaunch expresses on the symbolic level that FINSOZ remains true to its roots in the field of IT for social organizations and at the same time faces the current and future challenges of the digitization of the social economy. We continue to be a competent partner for our stakeholders, who accompanies them in all questions relating to these topics, with clear statements on the political Participates in discourse and campaigns for the interests of its members in strong alliances.

Linked to the strategic brand relaunch is the production of an image film for the first time on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of FINSOZ: The three-minute walk reveals the vision and significance of the association for the digitization of the social economy. Take a look - and form your own opinion. You can watch the image film here: We are FINSOZ.

Preview: The implementation of the new logo in all internal association materials and in the external presentation will take place in the coming months. FINSOZ members can immediately download the new logo from our website at: Press & Photos.

FINSOZ publishes guidance "Deletion according to GDPR" for the social economy

Berlin, April 21, 2021New guideline paper published: Die The "IT Compliance" specialist group of the digital association FINSOZ has developed and completed the guideline paper "Deletion according to GDPR - an orientation aid for the social economy".

The current paper gives an insight into the basics and requirements of the deletion of documents according to the GDPR and illuminates the challenges in dealing with the GDPR and the new church laws from different perspectives.

With this elaboration, the social economy now has an orientation aid at hand that can help to pragmatically implement the deletion requirements according to GDPR. Readers learn - in addition to an overview of the retention periods - what is meant by "hard" and "soft" retention periods, what types of deletion concepts are possible and which requirements software manufacturers have to observe.

The document was created in the FINSOZ community with the involvement of actors from social institutions, software providers, consultants as well as data protection and IT experts. Contributors to the drafting of the paper were: Thomas Althammer, Michaela Grundmeier, Alexander Gottwald, Klaas von der Heide, Markus Hemgesberg, Thorsten Jordan, Christian Kempelmann, David Klimm, Martin Lembcke, Alexander Overmann, Wolfgang Paris, Markus Poguntke-Rauer, Jürgen Prummer , Maximilian Seidel and Anja Thorwesten.

Acquisition and costs
The guideline paper is available to FINSOZ members at cost price of 34.70 euros. The costs for non-members are 49.00 euros. You can order the printed orientation aid at this e-mail: [email protected]

FINSOZ participates in the BMWi research and development project "Smart Care"

  • The project identifies and describes new or newly structured processes in home care, in which products with technical assistance functions are included
  • Investigation and evaluation of AAL and Smart Home products with regard to their suitability for providing care support for residents, patients, relatives and nursing staff
  • Networking of products with intelligent assistance functions, building control and assistance systems

Berlin, March 30, 2021 - New FINSOZ cooperation: Introducing innovative assistance systems in home care could make the care process easier for caregivers and caring relatives - and lead to more independence in old age. The requirements of the new BMWi research and development project “Smart Care” of the USEability LAB at the IHD, Dresden, are what requirements in this environment have to be met by assistive products and how the processes in home care should be restructured. The digital association FINSOZ is a cooperation partner in this project.

During the 30-month duration of the project, among other things, new or newly structured processes in home care will be examined and described, in which products with technical assistance functions are included in the process. Products available on the market from the areas of Smart Home and Ambient Assisted Living are examined and evaluated for their suitability for care support. As a result, a selection should be made as to which products with intelligent assistance functions and which building control or assistance systems offer added value in the application for residents, patients, relatives and nursing staff.

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Job posting | Project coordinator: in for research project on "AI in Nursing"

Berlin, March 15, 2021 The digital association FINSOZ e. V., Berlin, offers a demanding position in project cooperation / coordination within the framework of a research project "Future Centers AI - Support of small and medium-sized companies and employees in the model and participatory testing of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, for operational practice" at.

You have the opportunity to help shape and support the establishment of a regional future center “pulsnetz.de - work healthily” right from the start.

Main tasks:

  • Participation in the standardization of AI technologies with a view to transferring them to software products for the social and care sector
  • Independent organization, coordination and, in some cases, implementation of events and seminars for knowledge transfer to software providers
  • Preparation of the project results for software providers in the social economy
  • Regular communication with the software providers and the specialist public about the project results using the association's existing communication channels
  • Initiation of contact with software providers and regular, independent contact follow-up
  • Attracting software providers in the social economy to implement the project results in their own software

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SVDiPA alliance grows with the umbrella association for digital health care

  • DiPA Alliance strengthens its voice as a negotiating partner within the framework of the Digital Supply and Care Modernization Act (DVPMG) by gaining a new alliance partner in the network
  • The top association for digital health care is a new member of the alliance. V. (SVDGV)
  • The SVDGV strengthens the alliance's expertise in eHealth providers and sponsors in Germany

Berlin, March 1, 2021 - The Alliance for Digital Care Applications (SVDiPA) founded in February continues to grow and welcomes the Spitzenverband Digitale Gesundheitsversorgung e. V. (SVDGV). Together he strengthens the voices of manufacturers as a negotiating partner within the framework of the Digital Supply and Care Modernization Act (DVPMG). The SVDGV represents over 100 eHealth providers & sponsors in Germany and brings its experience in the market-based implementation of the first digital health applications (DiGA) to the DiPA alliance.

SVDGV managing director Dr. Anne Sophie Geier: "If digital innovations are to support and relieve people in need of care, nurses and relatives in the future, transparent processes and fair concepts are now required that enable these products to find their way into broad care - both in outpatient care and in our opinion in inpatient care. As part of the Alliance for Digital Care Applications, we want to jointly lay the foundations for the success of this new DiPA care area. "

With the further growth of the SVDiPA alliance, the hitherto unique association of manufacturers, care services, relatives' associations and care institutions that can bring added value to the development, use and support of digital care applications - interdisciplinary and vertically oriented towards the market economy as well as the sector - is being completed Supporting organizations in the health and social economy.

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Alliance "Digital Care Applications" founded

  • DiPA Alliance of Associations takes on the tasks of a DiPA umbrella association (SVDiPA)
  • BBD and Verein Pflegende Relatives support the new alliance from the start
  • Entrust the digital association FINSOZ with the coordinating organization of the DiPA alliance
  • DiPA alliance open to other associations

Berlin, February 9, 2021 - Digital careapplications (DiPA) should be anchored in the law on the digital modernization of care and nursing (DVPMG) as part of the care of people in need of care. The DVPMG is expected to come into force in mid-2021.

The central association of long-term care funds is responsible for the contracts and remuneration claims according to §78a DVPMG draft of January 14, 2021. According to the draft bill, the economic interests of the manufacturers of digital care applications are being safeguarded by two representatives of the leading organizations of the manufacturers of digital care applications at the federal level, which have been formed to safeguard economic interests.

The problem: In Germany, there is no relevant central organization for manufacturers of digital care applications at the federal level until January 2021. In February 2021, an Alliance for Digital Care Applications (SVDiPA) was founded, which bundles the professional and technical know-how and takes on the tasks of a central association.

Under the leadership of the digital association FINSOZ and significant association support from the Bundesverband der Betreuungsdienste e.V. (BBD) and the association caring relatives (PA), the DiPA alliance represents the interests of all target groups for the use of DiPAs in care.

According to the SVDiPA, digital care apps for end users - those in need of care and their relatives - will only develop their full benefit if you reconcile the following three aspects:

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Joint study on the "digital maturity level of the care industry" initiated - request for participation

Berlin, 12/12/2020 - Inventory for "Digitization in care": The "digital maturity level of the German care industry" has gained special significance this year - for the facilities and organizations themselves, but also for us as the digital association FINSOZ. It has always been our concern to accompany our member companies on the path to digitization.

With this in mind, we would like to take stock of "digitization in care". To this end, we as FINSOZ have participated in the content of the second study by Vincentz-Verlag and are jointly investigating the following questions, among other things:
  1. What role do digital technologies currently play in elderly care?
  2. At which points the need for technical solutions to support caregivers has not yet been met and
  3. which technical support services you will need for the future.
The results of the current study will then be compared with those of 2019 - and evaluated. Of particular relevance is the knowledge to what extent organizations have succeeded in better exploiting the technical possibilities for the benefit of the caregivers and those in need of care.

Please support us in gaining knowledge - and take part in the 3-minute survey by January 15, 2021.

Click here for the survey:

https://www.ntgt.de/ra/s.aspx?s=429211X88967130X83288 (link is external)

"Digital supply and care - Modernization Act (DVPMG):

"A beginning has been made: the big success is missed."

Joint statement of the digital association FINSOZ and the partner initiative "Care digitization" on the draft DVPMG:

Berlin, November 31, 2020 - The draft bill for the DVPMG is available - and is intended to consistently continue the modernization of the Digital Supply Act (DVG) and the Patient Data Protection Act (PDSG), to be welcomed, even if the Modernization Act comes at a point in time DVG and PDSG are only entering the implementation phase.

The short timing of the legislative developments on digitization in nursing is understandable against the background of an upcoming new legislative period in the coming year and at the same time shows - and this is essential - some positive effects for nursing. "The draft is a start," says FINSOZ board member Prof. Dr. Dietmar Wolff. In the draft of the DVPMG, the demands of nursing associations, alliances and the FINSOZ initiative “nursing digitization” were included in the draft of the DVPMG, which explicitly refer to the elementary digital requirements of the nursing sector. Wolff: “This is how the DVPMG sees care, among other things. propose to connect the industry to the telematics infrastructure (TI) and to oblige facilities to use it from 2024. Access to electronic patient files, telemedicine services and digital care applications (DIPAs) should also be granted and a corresponding register should be set up. "Initial regulations have also been made with regard to financing.

From the point of view of the FINSOZ partner initiative “Care digitization”, Thomas Eisenreich, Managing Director of the Bundesverband der Betreuungsdienste e. V., on the positive course: “The DVPMG is the step in the right direction: digital care applications are becoming standard benefits for care insurance.Among other things, the joint partner's demand not only to finance the technology but also the associated nursing support was taken up. The move away from hardware and towards software applications makes it clear what the future looks like. "

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"Digitize together."

Interview with FINSOZ CEO Michaela Grundmeier, in the customer magazine "Screenshot" by Connext Vivendi

Berlin, November 12, 2020 - FINSOZ e. V., together with five alliance partners, calls for a nationwide strategy for digitization for care. "Screenshot" asked Michaela Grundmeier how this can be done.

Ms. Grundmeier, you are a member of the board of the FINSOZ digital association and data protection officer and project developer at Caritas Seniorenheime Betriebsführung- undträger GmbH in Warendorf. For years, as the IT manager at a large provider of in-patient care for the elderly, you have been very committed to implementing digitization measures and also introducing Vivendi modules. How did you cope with the numerous challenges during the lockdown in terms of communication and organization in your facility?

Grundmeier: It happened to us like many other companies: We had to look spontaneously for alternative communication channels that could transport the multitude of new information and regulations to the facilities over a short distance. For this purpose, for example, we have set up an interdisciplinary crisis team in our company, which coordinated, answered and implemented the inquiries from the various areas. We stored the results, for example concepts for visitor regulations, centrally so that every employee could access the documents at any time. At the same time, we also created solutions for the residents of our facility so that they could keep in touch with their families and friends during the lockdown.

As a digital association FINSOZ, on the other hand, through our FINSOZ Academy, we organized a free, association-open online event with very little lead time, which offered an overview of digital tools for virtual communication. This resulted in additional campaigns such as a »guide to the successful planning and implementation of video conferences« or pragmatic tips and contacts to non-profit companies where hardware and software could be acquired quickly. The aim of this support, which FINSOZ also granted non-members, was primarily to provide supporting organizations with practical help.

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Anniversary: ​​FINSOZ celebrates its 10th anniversary as a hybrid event with association members

Berlin, October 30th, 2020 - 2020 is a special year a year of challenges and a year of anniversary: The professional association FINSOZ is celebrating its 10th anniversary and, together with its members, can look back on a decade of successful work for the social economy.

Together we have achieved a great deal - above all for the member companies, but also for the industry: The event, which was organized for the first time in hybrid form, was a celebration of the balance of past work and successes in the field of IT professionalization and digitization in the social economy. In the two-hour event on September 30, 2020, there was not only a review but also an insight into the digital work of the association, its increased political commitment with regard to the infrastructural and operational requirements for social institutions. Representatives of the specialist groups had their say, as did first-time member companies and members who joined FINSOZ only a few years ago.

The common view went backwards and forwards at the same time: The specialist groups are pushing the work forward and the board of directors and the office also turned their attention to current and future projects, initiatives and alliances of the association: digitization and IT security, billing chain and telemeatic infrastructure in care, assistance systems, digital competence, participation and eLearning are the main topics that the member companies, specialist groups and speakers of FINSOZ will continue to drive into 2021. Together, of course, into the new decade.

FINSOZ interview with Member of the Bundestag Dr. Roy Kühne on care digitization

Berlin, October 12, 2020 - FINSOZ, the digital association in the social economy and administration, is on the way to political talks: In October 2020, FINSOZ board member Prof. Helmut Kreidenweis and managing director Thordis Eckhardt spoke with Member of the Bundestag, Dr. Roy Kühne on digitization in nursing. Dr. Kühne: "Digitization processes must become measurable. We need proof of effectiveness, not just a result control," said the reporter for care and nursing care of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group. Kühne emphasizes the concern of the FINSOZ initiative "Care digitization", that "legal regulations for the financing of digital costs in care" are necessary.
The FINSOZ conversation with Dr. Kühne will be continued in greater depth in a further meeting.

Position paper "Billing Chain" published

Berlin, 09/15/2020 - FINSOZ, the digital association in the social economy and administration, has worked with the association for digitization in the social economy, vediso, to develop the position paper "Billing Chain - Sustainably improve cooperation between service providers and service providers in invoicing, payment and payment allocation".

The aim of the joint document is to focus on billing in social enterprises as an overall process and to initiate a sustainable optimization process between beneficiaries, service providers and service providers. As a consequence, administrative expenses are to be reduced and resources and tax money can be used in a more targeted manner.

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New alliance calls for a national strategy plan
Digitization in nursing

Berlin, August 4, 2020 - The digital association FINSOZ, founding member of the recently constituted alliance Digitization in nursing has worked with five other associations of the health and social economy to develop the policy paper "Digitization in nursing: cornerstones of a national strategy".

In the policy paper, we identify the key areas of activity from our alliance point of view, of which the highest priority currently has the appropriate legal framework - in particular with a view to technical standards, innovation, refinancing, competence development and participation.

FINSOZ board member Prof. Dr. Dietmar Wolff: "A basic principle of digitization is networking. We, as associations, have understood this and therefore united in a strong initiative in the spirit of the big picture and above all for the benefit of the people caring for and caring for. The demands of our joint position paper do not make any exaggerated fantasies, but can all be implemented with justifiable means and would prove that care is actually taken seriously as a 'pillar of our society'. "

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Software and client management made easy: FINSOZ defines an open exchange format for client data in social institutions

  • First uniform market standard created to guarantee clients' right to data portability
  • A lot of effort, multiple entries and entry errors when changing facilities or types of help as well as data protection information can be avoided in future
  • The interface definition in version 1.0 defines reliable cornerstones for institutions in the social economy and software provider and replaces previous individual solutions
  • Implementation guide shows practical use cases and instructions for implementing the exchange format

Berlin, July 9th, 2020 - FINSOZ, the digital association in the social economy and administration, has created a technological innovation for the digital change in social institutions, which for the first time in the industry offers a practicable solution to the "right to data portability" according to Art. 20 GDPR: The one from FINSOZ in cooperation with "Client master data interface 1.0" developed by software providers and institutions in the social economy provides basic information on the implementation of interfaces of software systems and ...

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Nationwide initiative "Care digitization" started:
FINSOZ initiates industry platform

  • Partner initiative "Care digitization" with the support of Sponsors, institutions, foundations and associations of the social economy launched
  • Partner initiative calls for digitization of the industry and all institutions in the social sector
  • Learning from the corona pandemic: eight demands on political decision-makers to equip social institutions with digital resources and to ensure the expansion of the network infrastructure

Berlin, June 16, 2020 - The social economy needs digitization - and is now making people mobile: With the “Care digitization” initiative, the digital association FINSOZ is launching a nationwide industry platform that contains eight basic digital requirements for political decision-makers in the state and calls for their concrete implementation.

FINSOZ managing director Thordis Eckhardt: "The corona pandemic literally showed us what is lacking in social facilities in our country: a comprehensive and efficient network infrastructure, modern hardware and digital equipment such as Mobile devices for internal communication between employees in the houses. ”And Prof. Helmut Kreidenweis, member of the board of FINSOZ, adds:“ In social institutions, there is often a lack of digital knowledge among staff to integrate the technologies into everyday work. As a result, this deficiency hampers the urgently needed digital communication with general practitioners and clinics, but also the maintenance of social contacts between residents and their families and friends.

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FINSOZ sees digital potential in the debate about nursing staff measurement and the 5-point program "More PflegeKRAFT 2.0"

  • Digital Association FINSOZ suggests taking into account the degree of digitization of facilities in the needs-based staffing and calls for the identification of the specific relief potential in care through supporting technologies in (in) direct care activities.

Berlin, June 3, 2020 - FINSOZ, the digital association in the social economy and administration, welcomes the debates on needs-based staffing and improved working conditions for nursing staff - and contributes constructively to the discussion with technological solutions.

In accordance with the position paper "Mehr PflegeKRAFT 2.0" published in May 2020 by the Federal Government's representative for nursing, Andreas Westerfellhaus, FINSOZ takes the view that nursing is one of the systemically relevant professions in Germany's health care system - and needs to be upgraded in society. The association also underscores the State Secretary's call to "finally make the possibilities of digitization [...] usable in nursing as well".

FINSOZ encourages you to examine this potential more closely and to show to what extent digital technologies such as mobile or voice-controlled documentation software or sensor-based assistance systems can or are already being used in different care settings. "We not only need short-term model projects with highly complex technologies, but above all reliable statements about the specific potentials of the various digitization technologies and the conditions under which these help increase the efficiency of direct and indirect maintenance activities," says FINSOZ board member Prof. Helmut Kreidenweis. Studies on this field of activity are currently not available on the market. “We urgently need research that systematically shows which technologies can be used to effectively relieve care under which conditions,” continues Kreidenweis, “in order to then also regulate the financing of this technology in a binding manner analogous to the personnel codes in the service agreements.” In the draft proposal for a new personnel assessment model at the University of Bremen under the direction of Prof. Dr. Rothgang have not yet considered these approaches.

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"Digitization is a matter for the boss": CAR € Invest explores the potential of care digitization in an interview with Managing Director Thordis Eckhardt

Berlin, May 15, 2020 - Experts expect the corona crisis of the Digitization in the Could help the care industry to give a boost. Thordis Eckhardt, managing director of the professional association FINSOZ, explains what conditions the company should create so that this succeeds and why one should start with small steps.
An interview by Matthias Ehbrecht:

CAR € Invest: Is the Corona crisis currently changing our view of digitization?
Eckhardt: "It brings them into focus. Specifically, Covid-19 as a pandemic, Germany's greatest challenge since the Federal Republic of Germany was founded, shows in a memorable way how ...

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FINSOZ publishes cross-industry "Guide to Successful Planning and Implementation of Video Conferences"

Berlin, April 15, 2020 - The professional association FINSOZ has a cross-sector guide for successful planning and conducting online meetings and video conferences ". It is aimed at managing directors of social and care facilities, organizational developers and IT managers in companies.

In a few easy-to-remember steps, the guide shows which fundamental questions should be considered and answered with regard to the preparation of online conferences, the operational implementation and the targeted termination of meetings in virtual space. The paper is supplemented by an overview of video conference tools and their assessment of use, taking data protection and IT compliance into account. Tips on etiquette with regard to visual appearance, the work environment and a respectful meeting culture round off the information in the guide.

The guideline can be acquired free of charge by member companies and used internally by quoting the FINSOZ source. If you are interested, please write an email with the subject "Acquire guidelines" to: [email protected]

Initial spark: FINSOZ organizes online seminars for the successful planning and implementation of online meetings and video conferences

Berlin, April 2, 2020 - Communication in the care and social facilities, to employees, customers and service providers has increasingly shifted to the digital space in the past two weeks - and requires us all to quickly rethink the use of technical communication tools and a changed culture of conversation via live streams and online meetings in the virtual Room.

The professional association FINSOZ takes the initiative and supports its member institutions and companies with two-hour online seminars for the selection of suitable communication tools for the successful implementation of online meetings and video conferences. The seminar is rounded off by lectures on data protection in online tools and on short-term liquidity planning and securing.

Member companies are cordially invited. The The next seminar will take place on Tuesday, April 7th, 2020 instead of.

> Registrations are possible here.

FINSOZ provides support with information on communication tools and special conditions for purchasing hardware for home office devices

  • Suggestions for online communication tools and video conference systems
  • Tips for the short-term procurement of computers, devices and software

Berlin, March 23, 2020 - To maintain the technical infrastructure in the social facilities during the corona epidemic and thus, among other things. Ensuring the necessary communication with the employees in the facilities on site or in the home office often requires new knowledge of technical communication tools and tips for the procurement of hardware and software on a small or large scale.

FINSOZ helps - and gives you the following tips and suggestions on using online tools or purchasing devices for non-profit companies. The list is intended as an informative suggestion and assistance for our member companies; it does not claim to be complete and is free of advertising or economic claims or dependencies.

> Download notification from March 23, 2020

  1. FINSOZ is a platform for shaping the digital change in the social economy and administration.
  2. FINSOZ initiates digital innovations and supports organizations in technological change.
  3. We are the driving force behind the development of digital business processes and business models.
  4. As a cross-agency networking platform, the association offers a competence triangle made up of service providers and service providers in the social economy, companies in the software industry, and universities and research institutions.We bring providers and users together in solution processes for everything to do with IT and digitization - for cross-industry, high-performance and networked IT of the future.
  5. Education of the future in the FINSOZ Academy: We promote and develop the digital and IT skills of specialists and executives, digitization officers and IT managers in the social economy and social administration.
  6. Digitization requires interoperability: FINSOZ advocates open standards of interoperability for all digital technologies and IT systems in companies in the social economy and social administration. At the same time, we promote and demand intersectoral networking with the healthcare sector and related industries. When it comes to interoperability, we use proven industry standards.
  7. We support the professionalization of IT in order to increase the value contribution of IT in social organizations and to prepare them for the use of complex new technologies.
  8. We are working on improving IT security and data protection in the social economy and social administration.
  9. We participate with professional expertise in the formation of political opinions and legislation on current topics relating to information technology and digitization in the social sector.
  10. By supporting social organizations in their digital transformation, we also promote the digital participation of disadvantaged people.

FINSOZ e. V. celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2020

For ten years together for the digitization and professionalization of IT in companies and associations of the social economy: The professional association FINSOZ e. V. celebrates its tenth year of foundation in February 2020 - together with its more than 200 members. Look forward to the big anniversary event from September 30th to October 1st, 2020 in Berlin.

In connection with the anniversary, this year we have summarized the FINSOZ services and competencies of the association for our members, interested parties and partners in a clear and concise 10-point statement.

> Download the anniversary newsletter

  • Initiate digital innovations
  • Improve data protection and IT security
  • Increase the utility of IT
  • Increase software quality
  • Network across providers
  • Actively represent interests
  • and much more…


The digital change has gripped the social sector. Completely new forms of help and business models are becoming possible, and international competitors are emerging. Are we ready for this change?
An important basis for this is modern, high-performance IT and agile project and process management. IT is becoming more complex, and new legal requirements are pending. Security issues are becoming more and more pressing.
As a board member, manager or IT manager of a social organization, you have to deal with numerous topics today. And it is not always easy to get the knowledge you need to meet your own responsibility for your organization.
This is exactly why the FINSOZ e.V. was founded: The association offers a platform for the cross-agency exchange of experiences and for networking with colleagues. FINSOZ organizes forums and seminars on strategically important IT and digitization topics and develops recommendations for action. In short: the association helps you to shape digital change responsibly.

Offers and activities

  • Academy seminars convey concrete practical knowledge. Examples: Development of digitization strategies, design thinking, process management, agile project management, data protection practice
  • Forums shed light on innovative topics from different perspectives. Examples: electronic invoicing, software for human resources management, e-learning
  • Working groups take up current issues and develop specific practical guidelines. Examples: User acceptance, job profile IT management Research projects shape the future and create useful knowledge. Example: usability of maintenance software
  • Position papers provide valuable arguments and make demands on politicians and cost bearers. Example: digitization of the social economy, federal participation law
  • Networking makes common concerns with other interest groups visible and promotes the implementation of solutions. Example: New structural model for care documentation, DTA

Benefits for members

  • Acquire professional practical knowledge in seminars, forums, workshops and specialist conferences at greatly reduced participation fees
  • Benefit exclusively from recommendations for action and research results
  • Help shape professional and technical standards and interfaces for the industry
  • Obtain profitable information from direct contacts with industry specialists, IT manufacturers and science
  • Strengthen the role of IT managers as beneficiaries for the organization
  • Representing IT-related interests vis-à-vis politicians and cost bearers together

become a member

FINSOZ members are organizations from the social economy and social administration as well as IT providers for these areas. We also offer membership to individuals.
More than 200 organizations and people are already using the advantages of FINSOZ, including many organizations from Caritas, Diakonie, AWO and other associations.