What is Modern Greek

Modern Greek and Ancient Greek

Does knowledge of ancient Greek help you learn modern Greek?

Yes of course! The following certainly applies: Anyone who wants to learn German in order to have a conversation in the 21st century will not start with Middle High German. Nor will one learn ancient Greek primarily because of that in order to deal more easily with modern Greek. Yet this, too, is an undeniable and beneficial effect of teaching ancient Greek.

Of course, Greek has evolved just as Latin became Italian. But the Greeks still use the same alphabet today as they did 2500 years ago, and many words still have the same meanings. The grammar of Modern Greek is basically a simplified version of ancient Greek; In this area, ancient and modern Greek are much closer than Latin and Italian, for example. And the changed pronunciation in Modern Greek was learned just as quickly as the Greek alphabet.

There is no doubt that modern Greek is easier to learn with some knowledge of ancient Greek.

Modern Greek in Greek lessons

Unfortunately, one has to admit that we have very little knowledge of Modern Greek in Classical Greek. The hour cuts in recent years and decades leave less and less time for this. This is also reflected in the new Greek textbook Dialogues for the 9-year high school, which - unlike the previous work - no longer contains any additional chapters on modern Greek. However, there is usually still enough time for a few basics: At least the pronunciation changes in Modern Greek will always be able to be dealt with in ancient Greek lessons.