Open your eyes when you die

Translation of "if you die" in English

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when you die if you die
And when you die... your eyes will be the last to see the Master.
And when you die, it will be the Master's eyes you see last ...
So when you die, your name dies with you.
It would be a shame when you die.
Because when you diehe presses the button safely.
'Cause if you die, he definitely hits that button.
Or when you die, I would be there.
I would be fine when you die.
Self when you die, I'll always be your mother.
I'm sad, when you die.
So, when you die, is there...
Nobody will be held accountable, even when you die.
Don't make a mess when you die.
It's the same active ingredient that your brain pours out when you die.
It's the same chemical that your brain releases when you die.
And even more fall when you die.
Your children will laugh when you die.
I am determined not to see this again when you die.
I've made up my mind. I don't want to go through this again when you die.
Decide what happens when you die.
You will definitely see the point when you die.
What about me when you die, Spock.
Most of the importance is being aware of what you expect when you die.
Most meaning is the awareness of what to expect when you die.
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