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RecipeMarshmallow dough - relaxation for the throat Homemade marshmallow candies made from marshmallow soothe the throat and taste great. Do-It-Yourself Relaxing Body Cream With this recipe, you can conjure up a body cream in just a few steps that will help your customers relax in particularly stressful times. Advice tipsTips for a good mood These tips provide a remedy for bad mood in the cold season. Ingredients in focus: broccoli Quite normal superfood - when a small tree grows on the vegetable patch. Metabolic Syndrome Adults, adolescents or even children - the metabolic syndrome does not stop at anyone. However, we can face it with a conscious lifestyle. Meeting skin aging The desire for youthful, smooth skin into old age is as old as mankind itself. Focus on vitamin B12 & folic acid The eight-person B vitamins team works together in many metabolic pathways. Two members in particular are indispensable: vitamin B12 and folic acid. Specialized articleBlooming with the intestinal flora The condition of the intestinal microbiome is not only an essential factor for health, but also has a significant effect on mood. Ways out of the stress trap Stress is often an everyday companion. A sufficient supply of micronutrients can support us in challenging times. InterviewUwe Gröber in conversation Uwe Gröber not only shares his specialist knowledge of micronutrients - especially vitamin D - in this interview, but also lets you get to know the person behind the micronutrient expert better. The calm after the storm Before sport is after sport: Why the regeneration phase is so important for our body and which micronutrients play a key role in it. Well taken care of from the start The desire to have children, pregnancy, breastfeeding - special periods of life require special attention in nutrition. Event Intensive seminar "Nutrient Advice" with Uwe Gröber Martina Enthammer - PKA and blogger - shares her experiences at an intensive seminar with the micronutrient expert Uwe Gröber. Advice tipsTips for regeneration After we have exhausted ourselves during training, the body needs breaks in order to recover. With these tips, the rest phase runs optimally. Perfectly trimmed micronutrients for beautiful hair for men and women. Advice tipsTips for a gluten-free everyday life These tips help people with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease to cope with the transition to a gluten-free everyday life more easily.