Is there a good Freesia perfume

Whether you know it or not, freesia is one of the most popular scents used in perfumery. The exquisite fragrance is characterized by a fresh, peppery effect that tickles the nose and appeals to all the senses. Because the freesia exudes a high degree of pure purity, innocence, electrifying freshness and joie de vivre, it is one of the most preferred flowers when it comes to the production of fragrances, soaps, body lotions, shampoos, etc.


1. The Freesia flower was named after the German doctor Friedrich Heinrich Theodor Freese and belongs to the iris family. 2. The essential proportion of linalool, which all types of freesia contain, provides the invigorating floral-woody with notes of turpentine and lemon. 3. There are different types of freesia (white, yellow etc.), which smell more spicy, fresh or delicate. At the same time, some species such as “Volcano” and “Rose Marie” are not cultivated for their fragrance, but for optical reasons. 4. Since the freesia is considered a symbol of love, loyalty and tenderness, it is often used for wedding decorations or for the bridal bouquet.


The scent of freesia is composed of soothing, sweet chords, the combination of which is peppery, invigorating, pure, pure and incomparable. A certain type of freesia oil can still be extracted. But the freesia scent used in perfumery is based on synthetic substances. In most cases, freesia does not play a dominant role in the fragrance compositions, but rather controls the fragrance in a certain direction as a modifier. Other floral notes that it goes well with are lily of the valley, magnolia and cyclamen.


Since Antonia Bellanca-Mahoney presented the legendary fragrance Antonia's Flowers in 1984, perfumes with freesia have enjoyed enormous popularity. Even if the delicate aroma is suitable for both men and women, freesia is considered to be one of the decisive success factors, especially when it comes to fresh women's perfumes with style and class.

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