How is marijuana made

Hemp cultivation and hashish production

Hi sirnobody,
I agree with you on the whole, but the matter is even more complex:
Because, not only organized crime and especially the terrorists earn a lot from drug trafficking - NO, father state (of course all other states as well) earns a lot!
If you think about it: what are “Al Capone”, “BinLaden” and the like with the coal? Some buy weapons without end - and who is the third largest arms manufacturer and exporter? Correct! Germany!! And the mafia doesn't stuff their cash into the mattress either !! They buy expensive cars, houses, jewelry and invest the black money in legal business too! So: they pay taxes and the state makes a lot of money !!
So why should you legalize the drugs - it's going wonderfully - you would slaughter the chicken that lays the golden eggs ... !!
And as far as the consumers are concerned, who not only get sick from the adulterated drugs and slowly but surely break down (e.g. a heroin user who always consumes pure, unstretched heroin - and by consuming I do not mean gagging themselves up to the brim every day and ABUSE it, but already every day, can definitely reach a handsome age!), but on top of that it is persecuted, locked up, robbed of its existence and pushed to the margins of society - yes that, that is just collateral damage ... !!

And I know what I'm talking about!

So why should you change anything about this situation !! That’s a lot of money and it’s going great !!

And it is not only the consumers, but also, for example, the poor pigs who are executed every day by the drug mafia! In Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, all of Central America and Southeast Asia, etc., etc., ect.!
How long have these dubious bans been in place?
Not that long! In Germany (then the German Empire) the Opium Act came into force on January 1, 1930, and was replaced by the Narcotics Act on January 1, 1982.
Thousands of years before this time, people could very well get along without these dubious laws!
In the 19th century (1839 to 1842) Great Britain even used military means (1st opium war) to force China to open its market, primarily of course for the opium trade!

The drugs themselves don't destroy people (that's what the tabloids want us to believe ...), it's Prohibition and its consequences !! At the beginning of the 20th century (1920 to 1933) you could already experience what such a prohibition can do! Murder and manslaughter !! And because of this ban, there was really no less drinking - rather the opposite was the case ...
And it is similar nowadays! One cannot seriously be of the opinion that, in the event of drugs being legalized, all of a sudden all people will become dependent and “throw themselves headlessly into drug consumption” ...
The money that is currently being pumped into the prosecution and default of punishment, etc., should e.g. better be used in educating children and young people in schools and not, if the child has fallen into the well, in expensive and mostly ineffective therapies! Similar to “binge drinking”, the limits of adolescents' consumption of marijuana are often exceeded and abuse takes place! In large part out of ignorance!
This is where we have to start - something has rarely been achieved with bans!

In this sense