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5 free anti-rootkit tools for Windows

Anyone who is on the Internet should know that there are numerous dangers and threats lurking on the Internet. One of the nastiest of these threats are so-called rootkits. These usually hide particularly well in the infected system and serve to disguise suspicious processes and give the attacker further access to the PC in order to attack it with further malware or to steal its data. That is why you should be particularly careful here.

The following is a comparison of five anti-rootkit tools that specifically combat this threat.

How do anti-rootkit tools work?

As already mentioned, rootkits usually manage to hide themselves very well, e.g. by nestling deep in the operating system. As a result, regular antivirus programs are often not enough to detect the danger and the PC usually does not behave any differently than usual after a rootkit infection, which is why you often cannot even know whether you are safe at all. This is where special anti-rootkit tools come into play that are supposed to solve the problem with more advanced methods.

Anti-rootkit tools are numerous, but most of them are very similar in how they work. Basically, they examine different areas of the computer for suspicious changes and different possible threats. In doing so, information on known rootkits and a comparison with clean systems is often used. While experts can use special diagnostic programs to independently examine their PC, there are numerous anti-rootkit tools that take over the search completely and therefore often do not require any special expertise.

A few anti-rootkit tools are compared below. Although they have different advantages and disadvantages, they all have in common that they are free.


One of the best-known anti-rootkit tools is the "GMER" security software, which impresses with its high level of effectiveness and ease of use. Although the program is in the English language, you shouldn't have much difficulty using it. All you have to do is determine which drives to search. During the diagnosis, the computer is then checked for hidden data and processes, for which purpose various drivers are also monitored.

GMER is particularly suitable for an initial diagnosis and treatment of existing problems. Nevertheless, caution is advised here! GMER is aimed at more experienced users. After the scan, you get a long list of feedback that is difficult to interpret if you don't know what you are looking for. Deleting an important file can lead to serious PC problems. Therefore, you should definitely get advice from an expert or ask for help in relevant forums.

Download GMER

Bitdefender's "Rootkit Remover"

This useful tool, unlike GMER, is a program that is easier to use. Here you let the software examine the PC like a conventional virus scanner. Finds can then be removed relatively easily and automatically.

This representative of the anti-rootkit tools specializes in the special group of so-called “boot kits” that aim to gain control over the computer by modifying the PC boot process. In addition, like GMER, this software does not even have to be installed and will convince many users with its simplicity and the well-known company name.

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This software also comes from an extremely well-known manufacturer, namely the multiple award-winning company “Kaspersky Lab”, which is considered one of the best producers of anti-virus software. With this representative of the anti-rootkit tools, the whole process can also be done easily and with just a few clicks.

During the diagnosis, various drivers PuTTY SSH config, services and boot sectors are examined and after the scan suspicious files can be easily removed or moved to quarantine. Here, too, the program can impress with its ease of use and a relatively high recognition rate. However, some criticize the fact that this software only specializes in a limited spectrum of rootkits and that in some cases it provides unclear scan results. Still, the TDSSKiller is definitely a good tool.

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This program is provided by the equally large and very successful antivirus manufacturer “Avast” and specializes in combating rootkits such as “Alureon” or “Sinowal” as well as numerous other pests. This software impresses with a special feature called "FixMBR", with which some rootkits have to be combated. This method normally requires booting from a Windows recovery CD, but the program can do this comfortably in Windows.

Despite its actual effectiveness, aswMBR is not sufficient against some rootkits and the feedback of the tool can be difficult for some users to interpret. In contrast to the anti-rootkit tools from other major manufacturers, this program does not have a particularly appealing interface and is similar to a conventional command prompt, which is, however, insignificant for the actual fulfillment of the task.

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Sophos Rootkit Removal

The last of the anti-rootkit tools on this list is a program that works particularly well in parallel with conventional anti-virus tools. According to the manufacturer, it "scans, detects and removes" rootkits by examining the registry, hard drives and active processes and its operation is similar to the other programs listed.

One difference, however, is the fact that rootkits must be precisely identified in order to remove them. Unknown files can be removed as long as they are not important system files. This avoids damage from inexperienced users. In addition, the program can run in the background so that you can still use the PC as usual. There is no need to install the software, but the fact that you have to register first can be a shortcoming for some.

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Anti-rootkit tools are a dime a dozen, but some stand out because of their ease of use and their high detection rate. Kaspersky’s TDSSKiller can be particularly recommended as such. The software is easy to use and is sufficient to eliminate most rootkits quickly and without much effort or prior knowledge.

However, it is usually recommended that you use several programs in combination in order to be completely safe, because rootkits specialize in staying hidden.

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