How often does LinkedIn change its algorithm

LinkedIn changes its algorithm: publishers now need to know

Above all, the network wants to motivate journalists, marketers and managers to share more content. In the past few months, LinkedIn has adjusted its algorithm and now reveals which posts are doing particularly well.

Contrary to many assumptions, the type of contribution initially does not matter. According to LinkedIn, the algorithm does not prefer images or videos. Instead, it's all about interaction. The more users are willing to interact with a post, the higher it will be listed in the feed.

Niche topics are more popular

For example, if a user posts a link, LinkedIn recommends that they express an opinion. This leads to other users joining the discussion. In addition, it can be worthwhile to bring other users into a conversation by means of mentions (using the “@” sign). However, you should only mention a maximum of five people. Anyone who replies to comments under his post increases interactions even more.

Good news for experts: the algorithm prefers niche topics. Instead of generally using the hashtag “#management”, users should describe their text more precisely, for example with “#performancemanagement”. At the same time, LinkedIn recommends not using more than three hashtags. The length of a text in the post, however, does not matter.

People in their immediate surroundings are more important than brands

For media sites that publish on LinkedIn, the changes to the algorithm are initially not good news: Similar to Facebook, they will probably lose reach. It is all the more advisable to be a journalist on LinkedIn with your own account. People in the immediate environment prefer the platform to brands and pages. Among other things, the algorithm pays attention to how strongly the user has already interacted with the sender of the post and whether the interests match.