How do I hang up jeans

How to hang up laundry correctly - tips and tricks

Depending on how you hang your laundry, this can affect the duration of the drying process. If you hang the laundry cleverly, the clothes can dry faster. In this article, we will show you what you should pay attention to.

Tip 1: Shake the laundry well before hanging it up

Before you even hang up the laundry, you should get it out of the washing machine as soon as possible. The longer it lies, the more clingy it becomes.
  • Turn the clothes inside out and give each item of clothing a vigorous shake. This will prevent the fabrics from overlapping or pressing too tightly on one another.
  • For T-shirts, make sure that the sleeves are on the outside. If you don't do this, the sleeves will be wet later while the rest of the T-shirt is already dry.

Tip 2: hang up laundry

  • Always hang the tops on the drying rack offset. For example, start on the right and hang the next top on the next line on the left. If you do not hang the clothes one behind the other, they can dry better.
  • Jeans and other trousers should always be hung on the outside of the wings if you have a wing dryer. This is where the trousers can dry best, especially because the distance from the floor is higher here. If you were to hang the pants on a normal line, the fabric would overlap too much.
  • Hang trousers with the leg ends up first, because the waistband is particularly difficult to dry. In the case of tops, on the other hand, the sleeves should point downwards.
  • Hang all small items of laundry, such as underwear or rags and handkerchiefs, in the free space next to the tops.
  • If you have too much laundry, it is better to use a new rack. Otherwise you will hang the laundry too close together so that it will be difficult to dry.
  • For large items of laundry, such as jackets, you should use a hanger and hang it on a door or window to dry (e.g. in the attic). Large towels are best dried on an extra stand.
  • Do not hang the clothes too tightly together. Before hanging the clothes, pull lightly on them, but do not hang them too tightly either.
  • Be sure to use clothespins and do not just lay clothes on the line. Make sure that you hang the laundry as low as possible so that it does not overlap too much.

Tip 3: put laundry in the right place

  • In summer or when the weather is good, you should always put your laundry outside if possible. This is where it dries best in the sun and wind.
  • In winter or on rainy days, you should place your laundry near the heater. It is best to put the wet clothes in a heated room, close the door and leave the window tilted. This also prevents mold from forming so quickly.
We will show you how to wash towels properly in another article.