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Founder story Nuclino: The real-time wiki for companies

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Collaboration, collaboration - that's the way things go for most startups. Research groups and companies with flat hierarchies and different specialist departments also work according to this principle. But cooperation has to be organized and this is where young companies in particular fail. The startup Nuclino wants to help with a real-time wiki, i.e. an online-based collection of knowledge. The online operating manual, so to speak. Up to the minute. Find out more about the founders and the great startup in our new portrait from our series of founder stories.

Surname: Nuclino GmbH Startup from: Munich Founded: 2015 Website: www.nuclino.com

This is Nuclino:

Nuclino is the simple and fast real-time wiki for productive teamwork.

The pitch

In today's and future working world, people have to solve more and more complex and knowledge-intensive tasks. This is more and more often achieved in teamwork, sometimes interdisciplinary, sometimes spread across the world.

Often, however, the collaboration ends in (folder) chaos, with the result that essential information is lost, is scattered in data silos or cannot be found.
We have developed software that supports teams in keeping all types of information and knowledge in one central location, processing them together and finding them quickly. Nuclino is kind of like a digital, collective brain for teams.

Thanks to its lightweight nature, it can be used flexibly, e.g. for notes, meeting minutes, checklists, marketing articles or technical documentation. All content is shared with the team in real time and can be edited at the same time. Nuclino supports the entire spectrum of collaborative project work - from brainstorming to planning and implementation.

These are our customers ...

Small, agile teams in startups and SMEs. Schoolchildren, students and NGOs also use Nuclino for their projects.

These are our competitors:

Nuclino is related to so-called wiki systems such as Confluence from Atlassian. Such systems allow the creation and sharing of digital content, but these are often slow, complicated to use, and create information chaos, making it almost impossible to find or add important information.

Our USPs / This is what sets us apart from our competitors ...

  • Minimal training time thanks to an intuitive user interface
  • Semi-automatic keywording, quick search and easy linking between pages
  • to avoid folder hierarchies
  • For a better overview, content is automatically visualized in a mind map

That is why we are founders / entrepreneurs ...

It was clear to us from a young age that we wanted to advance the world with entrepreneurial thinking and acting. As part of various student traineeships in large corporations, we have also experienced the bureaucratic structures that unfortunately often nip good ideas in the bud. As an entrepreneur, we want to work flexibly, agile and self-determined in order to develop our potential and to break through the existing structures in the B2B software market together.

So the idea came to us ...

We got to know each other during our studies at the Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM) and worked there on projects in which we ourselves had to experience the unsolved problems of collaboration tools. That is where the idea for Nuclino originated.

Keyword Lean Startup: This is how we tested our target group / our product in advance ...

We developed Nuclino together with teams at a very early stage: after only two weeks of development, we “forced” our befriended startups to test it. ;) At that time there were of course a few bugs, but most of the pioneers are still loyal and enthusiastic users of Nuclino. Three months later, we made the beta version publicly available. Even today we are in constant contact with our users. We get positive feedback every day, which confirms that we are creating something that really creates value.

This is how the business idea became a real company ...

We started working on the idea full-time during our last university semester in 2015. For us, Nuclino was a “real” company long before the GmbH was founded in August 2016.

With this executive summary we have successfully applied ...

We generated / raised the start-up capital by ...

... completed a six-digit financing round with Munich business angels in August 2016.

These are our most important milestones / successes achieved ...

  • Nuclino's first release on Betalist: # 1 Trending
  • > = 5% weekly organic growth of active users since launch
  • Users from over 120 countries
  • Lots of positive feedback via email and on social media

This is our vision and next milestones ...

Our vision is to help teams around the world solve complex problems together. So we want to make the world a better place by helping others make it better. :) With every team that enthusiastically reports to us about a project that they have successfully completed with the help of Nuclino, we come a little closer to this vision.
The next milestones are the desktop app, which we will be releasing in the coming weeks, and a major product update with a new organizational structure and many improvements.

These institutions have particularly helped us ...

The CDTM, UnternehmerTUM and the LMU Entrepreneurship Center have given us strong support since the early phase. Thanks to their help, we were able to further expand our network, got contacts for our financing round and were allowed to use office space for several months free of charge.

How big was the team at the start? And now?

In the beginning there were three of us; in the meantime we have doubled our team.

Of all the marketing & PR campaigns that we have carried out, the best / most important ...

Startup communities and forums, especially BetaList, Product Hunt and Hacker News

Customer service: This is how we build on our customer satisfaction ...

We offer our users the opportunity to give us feedback through a wide variety of channels (email, social media, in the product). In most cases, we respond within a few hours and offer face-to-face online seminars. When it comes to prioritizing features, we always try to take customer requests into account.

We would not do that again, or we would avoid this mistake next time ...

Sometimes our meetings lasted for hours and went from hundredth to thousandth. We have now changed that by always writing open points in Nuclino in advance so that everyone can inform themselves in advance and think about them. As a result, our average meeting time has been greatly reduced.

Crises? We mastered them through ...

Passion, people, purpose! - Our common values ​​that drive us every day.

This is what our office looks like today. This is how we want it in the future ...

Our office is currently a 20sqm room on the 1st floor at Stylight on Nymphenburger Straße. In the future, we want to expand at least over the entire floor. ;)

Heroes & role models and our questions for them ...

Our heroes are our users - they work every day on exciting and mostly very demanding projects. To give just one example: a team of students from the TU Delft has been developing a fully electrically powered racing car for several months as part of the European “Formula Student” competition. They use Nuclino for their daily exchange of information and knowledge.

Work-life balance: this is how we keep fit and motivated ...

  • Regular exercise in the fresh air
  • Get enough sleep (if possible)
  • 1 home office day per week
  • Positive user feedback as a daily motivation booster :)

3 websites without which we cannot live & work ...

  • Nuclino for teamwork
  • Hacker News for all news and comments about the startup scene
  • Toggle for time tracking

3 mobile apps without which we can no longer live & work ...

  • Spotify for the right music to concentrate, work out and relax
  • Feedly for the right reading mix
  • Freeletics for physical balance

3 books that you should have read as a founder ...

  • The Lean Startup by Eric Ries
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
  • Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

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