What's going on in ROM today


WTA tournament: Kerber continues at the tournament in Rome

Rome (AP) - Angelique Kerber has reached the second round at the tennis tournament in Rome. The German number one prevailed 6: 2, 7: 5 against the French qualifier Alizé Cornet after a long break in the rain. Kerber needed 1:35 hours for her success ... more

After 500 years: finger finds hand

Reunited after 500 years: For a long time the Louvre in Paris and the Capitoline Museum in Rome knew nothing of the other part. (Source: Euronews) more

Italy: Colosseum in Rome gets new floor

It is one of the most popular attractions in Rome and looks back on a long tradition: the Colosseum. The planned wooden floor should offer visitors a special experience in the future. With a retractable wooden floor, visitors to the Colosseum in Rome ... more

Doctors want to start the tour in Hanover in 2022

Great news for doctors fans: The band has announced another tour for 2022. After the tickets for the first tour were sold out after a few minutes, there is now another chance to see the band live. The Berlin punk rock ... more

Euro 2021: UEFA confirms Rome as the venue

UEFA had demanded a guarantee of spectators for all European Championship venues this summer. While this is not yet certain for Munich, Rome has now been confirmed as the location. The European Football Union (UEFA) has the Italian capital ... more

Pope celebrates Easter mass in the Vatican in front of 200 visitors

Pope Francis is considered to be particularly close to the citizen. But Corona is again thwarting his plans on the most important festival in Christianity: celebrations can only take place on a small scale. Because of the pandemic, Pope Francis has his mass again this year ... more

Drug dealer ring blown in Italy

The police in Italy smashed a large network of drug traffickers who are said to have busied marijuana from Albania to Germany, among others. 55 suspects were arrested in three countries, as the investigators in Rome on Tuesday ... more

Export of Astrazeneca vaccine from the EU stopped for the first time

At the end of January, the European Union started export controls for corona vaccines. The focus is on manufacturers who do not meet their EU delivery obligations. Now it's Astrazeneca. For the first time, the export of corona vaccine from the European Union to a ... more

House search: drugs, weapons and ammunition secured

The police seized drugs, weapons and ammunition in the apartment of a 44-year-old in Paarsch (Ludwigslust-Parchim district). Investigators discovered around 100 grams of narcotics, most likely amphetamines, more than 500 projectiles and two rifles ... more

New government: Draghi takes power in Rome

Rome (dpa) - Italy's new Prime Minister Mario Draghi got into political work shortly after he was sworn in. After a first, short cabinet meeting, the former President of the European Central Bank (ECB) said until the evening on Saturday ... more

Italy: Mario Draghi is the new head of government

The "euro savior" Mario Draghi has taken the helm of the government in Italy. The country is suffering severely from the consequences of the pandemic and is eagerly awaiting EU aid worth billions. Draghi's cabinet is pressed for time. In Italy, after weeks of political crisis ... more

Archbishop of Hamburg Heße: "I thought about retreating"

Because of the scandal surrounding allegations of abuse, the Hamburg Archbishop Heße has considered withdrawing from office. He is said to be mentioned in the report that Cardinal Woelki keeps under lock and key in Cologne. Hamburg's Archbishop wrote a media report ... more

Italy: The euro savior Mario Draghi should now fix it

Italy has got into a violent political crisis in the middle of the corona pandemic. Head of state Mattarella is pushing for a quick solution - and is relying on an old friend. After the break of the ruling coalition in Italy, President Sergio Mattaralla ... more

Burned out garage with car, boat and trailer near Rome

A fire in Klein Niendorf near Rome (Ludwigslust-Parchim) destroyed an open-air garage for a car, trailer and boat. As a police spokesman said on Tuesday, after initial investigations, the fire broke out after midnight in a locked ... more

Vote of confidence in Italy: Renzi announces abstention

Italy's government collapsed in the dispute over corona aid. The vote of confidence is expected early next week. The head of the coalition partner is already announcing: "I am abstaining". During the government crisis in Italy, the head of the coalition ... more

Rummenigge after Rossi's death: "I will never forget him"

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge reacted with dismay to the news of the death of the Italian soccer world champion Paolo Rossi. "Paolo was my friend and a great scorer. We often played against each other in Serie A. The most important duel between ... more

Italy: Violent riots in corona demos

In Rome the police broke up a protest with batons, in Florence demonstrators threw Molotov cocktails. The government blames hooligans and right-wing extremists for the violence. In Italy it is again during protests against the Corona measures ... more

French Open -? Wi? Tek: This is Poland's new tennis star

Iga? Wi? Tek is the first Polish woman to win the French Open. On Saturday she was crowned the winner. The success of the 19-year-old isn't all that surprising. Iga? Wi? Tek wasn't sure what to say herself. A few minutes ... more

51 years delay: Postcard arrives at the monastery

51 years after a postcard was sent, it has finally arrived. The Bavarian Abbey of Münsterschwarzach shared a picture of the lost old map. A monastery in Bavaria claims to have received a postcard from Rome 51 years late ... more

Vatican: Pope Francis publishes new encyclical

Tension in the Vatican: Pope Francis presents a new policy paper. It is expected, for example, that the head of the church will respond to the social upheavals of the corona crisis. Large framework for a circular: Pope Francis has in the Corona phase ... more

ATP tournament: Novak Djokovic at the tennis tournament in Rome in the final

Rome (AP) - The world number one Novak Djokovic has reached the final at the tournament in Rome. The Serbian tennis professional prevailed in the semifinals against Casper Ruud from Norway 7: 5, 6: 3. Djokovic had big problems, especially in the first round, and kept ... more