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Hello, I would bring your advice.

My younger sister is 17 years old and has been stealing from me for years.

At first there were only so small objects, z. B. clothes or something.

But she has also very often stolen money from both me and my parents and then always claims she doesn't have it.

But it's finally enough.

She recently stole some very expensive Sony headphones worth € 40 and claims she doesn't have them.

And then I asked her several times at different intervals.

A few weeks later I buy new ones and see them on my headphones.

And now I suspect she stole my New Nintendo 3DS.

At first I thought I had forgotten it with my mother, but it wasn't like that and it can't be found in my room either.

I asked her about it, but she claims again that she doesn't have it.

This Ds cost me 150 € in OV.

In addition there are 4 games that I bought extra. These then cost me around 90 € again.

So we come to a summer of 240 €.

I am now afraid that the behind my back has turned into money.

At the moment I'm really thinking about reporting you to the police and also about compensation.