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Song theft: The copycat and plagiarism thread

23.07.2002 - 16:15

i'm not sure and i don't know if the next generation, artist, is interested in anyone at all but i think he has the beginning of his new single ,, heart made of glass ,, from the song ,, last unicorn ,, it is not poor to have to steal songs and thus force yourself to be successful?

23.07.2002 - 16:29

The trend has been indicated for a long time, more and more stolen or covered songs are pumped into the charts. The joke is that most teenagers don't understand this game at all and are informed by their parents (!) That this or that song was made 20 or 30 years ago.
Creativity has become rare, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to pick the raisins out of the cake.
Maybe that's why I turn to the so-called oldies more and more often when I'm looking for good music.

23.07.2002 - 23:49


doesn’t quite fit here, but:

try to put the beginning (vocally) of no doubts "don't speak" (that is, this "you and me ...") at the beginning of oasis "stop crying your heart out" ... I thought it was amazing how well that works :)) is probably just coincidence


30.07.2003 - 16:55

listen to the song Marilyn Manson-Lamb of God and the song Radiohead-Climbing up the walls, the melody is the same

I got out all by myself

30.07.2003 - 17:02

The similarity cannot be denied, no question about it

30.07.2003 - 23:23

yes, my contribution was net important, just wanted to get rid of it, but nothing special

the fight song sounds like song 2 from blur and and

what the hell

31.07.2003 - 15:39

"the fight song sounds like song 2 by blur" -> I'd agree with that.
However, I can't quite understand the Lamb of God / Climbing Up the Walls resemblance ...

01.08.2003 - 16:55

"There was Christ in the metal shell,
there was blood on the pavement "
"I am the key to the lock in your house,
that keeps your toys in the basement "

Not only is the melody stolen, it even rhymes ... yeah

01.08.2003 - 17:49

Hmm ... I don't have the two CDs here right now, but the two songs are clearly in front of my ears (* g *) ... amazing ... you're right ...
only this vocal line or something else too (instruments, other passages)?

02.08.2003 - 09:29

This was the first Radiohead thread I could find ... :-)

So, the following:
I am currently ordering tickets for the concert on November 15th. in Hamburg. But what should I take? Lower tier? Upper tier? Inner space? Help me! I don't know my way around ...? :-(

02.08.2003 - 09:56

But sorry that I used your thread for such cheap surreptitious advertising. ;-)

Back to topic: The Manson Conspiracies? Or is Mr. Yorke deeper in the swamp of crime and corruption than we thought? The truth is out there. ;-D

12.08.2003 - 17:30

Parts (the guitar solo at the beginning of the song as well as the chorus) of Kim Sander's hit "Something about you" were stolen from a song by a Munich newcomer band called DIVAD. Divad have applied 3 times to Kim Sanders record company with the song "I am", each time they received a rejection and now the music of this song is very successful on the radio. It's really a mess what the record companies pull off ... just steal the songs from newcomer bands, market them, etc. ... it's cheaper and easier than writing your own songs. Well and when such a stolen newcomer band tries to do something about it, it just means it's a coincidence that the music is the same or similar and if you want something, then you just have to complain ... which newcomer band has so much money for a lawsuit to be able to lead for more than three years ... DIVAD are also faced with this problem ...
Have any of you already had such experiences? If you are interested, you are welcome to take a look at more facts on DIVAD's homepage and hear their song "I am" and more!

13.08.2003 - 01:32

That sucks again! Of course, scooters need it because they are totally unimaginative and boring themselves. Until now I did not know that they are also unscrupulous thieves!

13.08.2003 - 12:29

And in Metallica's "St. Anger", the refrain is also stolen - namely from the song "I know the brother of his girlfriend ..."

13.08.2003 - 12:33

And in Metallica's "St. Anger", the refrain is also stolen - namely from the song "I know the brother of his girlfriend ..."

* laughs * With a lot of imagination, actually. Who would have thought: Metallica steal from the Cucumber Men ... :-)

24.08.2003 - 23:08

Oh Anja, steal .. what a bad word!
We just say COVERN;)))

24.08.2003 - 23:49

and while we're at the cover - cosmo klein "heart bla cry something" is stolen from "I'll never break you heart" from the backstreet boys! you can sing along to the refrain one to one! I'm so outraged;).

24.08.2003 - 23:55

possibly also your heart

25.08.2003 - 00:01

and this crappy song, which always plays with pop stars by wahh blümchen, sounds partly like genie in a bottel by aguilera!

02.10.2003 - 19:18

"Something about you" cannot be stolen. Otherwise Kim shouldn't have called it self-written on your album. And I don't think the "AIDA" company would have used the song for TV commercials if even a little something had been stolen.

02.10.2003 - 19:41

"Something about you" cannot be stolen. Otherwise Kim shouldn't have called it self-written on your album.

* cough * And Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Otherwise the Americans and British should not have started a war at all.

02.10.2003 - 20:17

@Lukas: * cynical laugh * :) :(

02.10.2003 - 22:05

And DIVAD at least stole the name of their song from Level 42! : D * gröhl *

09.02.2004 - 18:29

While listening to different songs, I've noticed that some tracks sound very similar in some way. Insane Clown Posse - "Another Love Song" sounds suspiciously like Beck's "Jack-Ass". Athlete - "El Picador" sounds strangely like "Complicated" by Avril Lavigne (* duckundweg *) in the stanzas ("It's time ..."). Kid Rock took over the riff from "Sad But True" for "American Bad Ass". And Crazy Town used the riff from "Pretty Little Diddy" by the Chili Peppers in "Butterfly".

Do you know any other examples in the field of rock music in which a band from another band sneakily stole a riff or a melody or even officially adopted it, or simply two songs that sound damn similar (by chance)? And I'm not talking about covers and parodies here. I'm not talking about sampling from rap either, because you could fill whole books with funk / soul examples. Can one actually speak of sampling in the case of reef theft?

09.02.2004 - 18:34

Crap. It has to be called "El Salvador" of course. How embarrassing.

09.02.2004 - 18:39

Well, Manson once covered Radiohead, but I know that Outhatway (I hope it was) from the vines original has the riff of Smells like teen spirit

09.02.2004 - 19:35

it happens every now and then, but most of the time I think rather unconsciously. Has everything been there before, and anyone who makes music knows how difficult it is to write something independently

09.02.2004 - 20:24

I couldn't get my mouth shut for a few minutes when I heard "There's No Home For You Here" from the White Stripes. Hardly anyone has stolen from themselves so shamelessly ("Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground").

Otherwise I had a number of examples, unfortunately I can't think of anything. Contact me again.

09.02.2004 - 20:27

Jeaaahhhh ---- lalalalalalalalaaa
Jungle-beat ... düdüdüdüdüdüd-
jungle beat
hey, it's me Costa Cordalis! What do you think of me?

10.02.2004 - 00:58

doesn't it matter as long as it sounds good?

10.02.2004 - 12:30

Hey, I want my own thread again ... I specifically wrote that it's not about covers, but about songs that are amazingly similar due to similar riff / melody sequences. Unfortunately I can't find a single contribution from the above thread. :(

Anyway, Costa, I think you're great!

And @ denkmal:
No it is not. It's also not about sounding good and not sounding good, that is purely a question of interests. Speaking of "monument": that sounds damned like "wannabe Tocotronic". :)

10.02.2004 - 13:06

Worst of all is this sanctimonious steal like in everyday girl by the preluders, there are 3-4 songs in it - lol

Or the Schanette album "Break On Through" (the other side ???), the victims include Deep Purple, of course Guns 'N' Roses and even HIM

10.02.2004 - 15:08

@ woll: Sorry, I hadn't noticed that the old thread immediately switched to cover versions. I have moved the relevant postings to the thread "Too many cover songs".

10.02.2004 - 15:24

well, with "el salvador" by athlete the beginning sounds extremely like "Complicated", the chorus somehow like "loser" by Beck ... fascinating

10.02.2004 - 16:22

Listen to Butterfly from CrazyTown and then Pretty Little Ditty from Red Hot Chili Peppers ... I didn't know it ... but that sucks too

10.02.2004 - 16:29

A few more nice copperplate engravings:

LeAnn Rimes - Can't fight the moonlight
(Template: Aqua - Barbie girl)

Pet Shop Boys - It's a sin
(Template: Cat Stevens - Wild world)

Reamonn - Josephine
(Template: Hubert Kah - starry sky)

The stars - what just ruined you?
(Template: Eric Burdon & The Animals - House of the rising sun)

Four Non-Blondes - What's up?
(Template: Bobby McFerrin - Don't worry, be happy)

Scooter - Hyper hyper
(Template: Ultrasonic - The annihilating rhythm)

(to be continued at will ...)

10.02.2004 - 18:04

the first song from the current flaming lips album sounds suspiciously like cat stevens.

11.02.2004 - 16:40

Four Non-Blondes - What's up?
(Template: Bobby McFerrin - Don't worry, be happy)

?????? Are you serious ?

11.02.2004 - 16:54

crazy town - revolving doors`s melody is reminiscent of last night of creme de la creme ... who got this from ... no idea

11.02.2004 - 17:00

i would say the world champion in shameless stealing is sarah connor .... "from sarah with love" is almost 1 to 1 copied from unbreak my heart (tony braxton) .... then a piece of "french kissing" by thingbums ... this soul band there, no answer, stolen .... forget your name! + g +

11.02.2004 - 17:49

@Raventhird: Are you serious?

It's clear. Absolutely identical harmony sequence and also obvious parallels in the melody. We used to have fun shouting the "What's up?" Text on the DWBH karaoke version.

@kackratte: crazy town - revolving doors`s melody is reminiscent of last night from Creme de la Creme

Correctly. "Wurst" by Chicks With Dicks (1996) and "Wie im Märchen" by Daf.Dos (1996) use the same source. But I have not yet been able to find out what this is. However, a whole armada of people is already looking for it.

@gloria: "French kissing" generously samples from "No diggity" by Blackstreet, which AFAIK is based on some sample by Bill Withers. Worse is Jeanette Biedermann's "Rock my life", where she simply merges "The look" and "Joyride" by Roxette.

11.02.2004 - 17:59

POM's "Blurry" is beautiful, but apparently once trained with Kyuss' "Writhe" ... ;-)

At the beginning of Radiohead's "Just" I always think of Nirvana ...

@Sebastian: with "Everyday Girl" I always only hear "Bitter Sweet Symphony" at the beginning - after that I have to switch off. ;-)

Billy Corgan is a fan of Blackmail? Maybe, at least the drums on "In my body" sound suspiciously like "Dental Research '72" ...


11.02.2004 - 20:10

Crazy in love was stolen from the '74 thing, Supreme from Robbie from You must Survive or something, at least a disco anthem

11.02.2004 - 21:48

At the beginning of Radiohead's "Just" I always think of Nirvana ...

Really? In any case, with me it is the case that many Kyuss songs inevitably remind me of Nirvana's "School".


Reamonn - Star (the beginning is 1: 1 "Don't Speak" by No Doubt)

11.02.2004 - 22:00

But don't messages often sound very similar because over time there is already "too much" music and there are only extremely few possibilities to develop something completely your own?

11.02.2004 - 22:02

No, there are almost infinite possibilities to vary notes and note values. It is not mandatory that melodies repeat themselves.

11.02.2004 - 22:04

but it can happen (accidentally?) ... with riffs too, etc ...

11.02.2004 - 22:19

Ok, nobody knows that now, I think it was the "big brother" theme song:

Berger - "Show me your face"

sounds pretty much like Bon Jovi's "It's my life" .....
... both garbage ;-).

12.02.2004 - 13:40

@ obrac: as a mathematician, I have to ask what you mean by "almost infinite"? ;-)))

I can think of another comparison:

Eagles - Hotel California vs. Radiohead - Exit Music

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