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Playstation 4: The 35 best games for Sony's PS4 - places 35 to 30

The Playstation 4 has dominated the market since the beginning of the new console cycle. Sony's tactic: They did everything for the player - "This is for the players".

You also bought one of the consoles but don't know which games you need? Then we have something for you. In this article you will find an overview of the 35 best games for Sony's Playstation 4, in coordination with Metacritic.

Update from December 2018: This article originally appeared in July 2016 and contained the 25 best games. We last updated it in December 2018 and added more must-have titles.

35. Resident Evil 7

Metascore 86

IGN rating 9.0

With Resident Evil 7 Capcom's long-running horror franchise returns to the roots of the franchise. The player takes on the role of the character Ethan, this time from the first person perspective is controlled.

The plot of the game continues in six years after the events Resident Evil 6 a. Ethan Winters ends up in the fictional town of Dulvey, Louisiana, at the plantation villa of Baker family. Winters has been looking for his wife Mia, who is missing, for three years. in the free additional contentNot a hero serial veteran Chris Redfield returns.

The game is on Playstation 4 from start to finish Playable in Playstation VR. Runs on the Playstation 4 Pro Resident Evil 7 with an increased resolution, which also ensures better image quality on 1080p screens via supersampling.

34. Dragon Quest 11: Champions of Fate

Metascore 86

In Dragon Quest 11: Champions of Fate the player takes a journey across several continents to fight a mysterious evil forcethat threatens the world. A team of several characters gathers around the main character, all of whom have their own reason to fight evil.

Dragon Quest 11 recalls the gameplay mechanics of classic JRPGs. Square Enix plays out exactly these strengths and presents a traditional gameplay that, paired with an exciting story, entertains for up to 100 hours.

33. Fallout 4

Metascore 87

IGN rating 8.5

In the best tradition, it is also possible in Fallout 4 to the wasteland. You control a vault dweller who for the first time to the contaminated surface reached the earth.

There you will experience all kinds of exciting stories, level up your character, fight numerous tactical fights and build your own houses if you wish. Especially role players who don't need a common thread get their money's worth here.

32.Batman: Arkham Knight

Metascore 87

Batman has to Protect Gotham City one last time. In the final game of the ArkhamSeries, the winged avenger has to deal with the eponymous Arkham Knight, behind whom a sad secret is hidden.

You control Batman freely through an open world and are also allowed to control the Batmobile for the first time. Due to its very successful gameplay and the exciting story Batman: Arkham Knightnot just for comic fans.

31. The Talos Principle

Metascore 88

In The Talos Principle you wake up and find that you are a robot. A godlike voice commands you to solve puzzles. So solve puzzles in different scenarios.

But not only puzzle fans get their money's worth here. Because behind the game hides an exciting storythat touches on and deals with philosophical topics. For example, when is a person a person? And why isn't it a thinking robot?

30. Nioh

Metascore 88

In the action role-playing game Nioh the player slips into the role of one in 1600 Irish samurai named William. In the dark fantasy version of Japan, William not only fights other samurai, but also various yokai demons.

Team Ninja didn’t just develop its own Ninja GaidenSeries, but also from From Softwares Dark Souls. Nioh is also popular as Far East variant of Dark Souls and Bloodborne designated. The level of difficulty of the game is correspondingly demanding.

Nioh supported on both the Playstation 4 and the Playstation 4 Pro different graphic modesin which players can switch between better picture quality or a higher frame rate.

Those were seven of the 35 best games for Playstation 4. The remaining titles can be found on the following pages:

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