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Dragon Ball Super - Son Goku fires the most powerful Kamehameha to date in a new episode

The Kamehameha belongs to Dragon Ball.

Whoever says Dragon Ball must also say Kamehameha. Or roar, as loud as possible and paired with the typical movements that belong to Son Goku's trademark attack. The well-known wave of energy remains a reliable bank even after years of changes in the franchise: in the current Dragon Ball Super episode, we see it Kamehameha in its most powerful form yet. Attention, here are a few Dragon Ball Super spoiler do not avoid!

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Son Goku and Kefla enter Episode 116 against each other: Super Saiyan Kefla against Ultra Instinct Goku. But even the merged SSJ2-Kefla apparently can't do anything against Son Goku's newfound power. In his ultra instinct form, Goku even manages to evade her attacks in mid-flight. Not only can he charge his attack, but Kefla too dangerously close come.

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We will also witness that the Kamehameha is not only strong enough to knock Kefla out of the arena: the attack even destroys the Potara earringsthat made the merger of Kale and Caulifla into Kefla possible in the first place. If you're not afraid of spoilers, here's the strongest kamehameha in Dragon Ball history:

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Or is there an attack in the Dragon Ball series that you find more impressive?

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