Which is more important IIT or NIT

Investigator Initiated Trials

Your own project ideas are also in good hands with us!

Conducting non-commercial studies (IITs) is essential for clinical research and especially for optimizing treatment.

Our ASKLEPIOS proresearch team has many years of experience in the implementation of self-developed research projects (examiner-initiated studies - IITs). We are happy to support and accompany you in all phases of planning and implementation.

Examiner-initiated studies (IITs) serve to further develop and improve existing therapy concepts in everyday clinical practice and are an important part of medical research. They represent a particular challenge, as the same administrative and legal requirements apply to these studies as to clinical studies with commercial sponsors. However, the financial and human resources are often limited.

We advise you on the application process and cost calculation, support you in applying for permits and ethical votes and ensure that the studies meet all legal and regulatory requirements.

We are also there for you when carrying out the studies. Our experienced project managers take on coordination and administrative tasks and support you as investigators in all methodological and logistical questions. In addition, our qualified study staff (study nurses / study coordinators and study doctors) is at your disposal, relieving you of many activities in the context of the studies.