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G Suite: How to Get Your Old Google Icons Back

The new design of the G Suite icons caused displeasure among many users. Since the search engine company introduced the new logos in October, many users can no longer find their way around as intuitively as before. The point of criticism: The icons are too similar.

Not only individual users of G Suite seem to be of this opinion, but actually the majority of them. Because many users posted in the social networks that they have not been able to find the services as quickly as usual since the redesign. This is particularly annoying in everyday work. On Twitter, too, many users vented their anger at the icons that looked almost the same:

What's fun about the new google icons is I can’t easily find my gmail tab anymore so if I don’t answer you in a timely manner please excuse the delay I just can’t find my email. pic.twitter.com/yCcSZ2NZLy

- Annie (@annieisokaay) October 30, 2020

Comeback of the old Google icons: It’s possible with a Chrome add-on

The old logos for Gmail, Calendar and Co. can easily be put back into operation with the help of an extension for the Chrome browser. With the "Restore old Google icons" add-on from Claudio Postinghel you can reactivate the icons in the old design. Simply download and activate and the usual Google logos will appear again.

The fact that there is such an extension for the Chrome browser clearly shows that Google's new icon design is not well received by the majority of users. The motivation of the search engine company behind the new look of the logos can be clearly seen. The company wanted to create a uniform design in line with the CI. However, it is also true for Google that branding should not come before usability.