King Janak had a son

Sukadev and the banquet bell

King Yudhishthira wanted to invite everyone in his country to a feast on the occasion of his coronation as emperor. There should be the most wonderful dishes, all for free. But he was interested in how many guests would eat. That's why he asked Vyasa (a great sage and saint) whether there was some way of counting them with little effort.

“It's very simple,” he said, “I'll hang up a magic bell and every time a thousand people have eaten it will ring. You just have to put a servant next to her who counts its ringing, and you know how many people you have fed. "

The day was drawing near, in the halls and in the garden there were long tables full of the most delicious dishes. Colorful crowds streamed in and the guests sat down, ate, talked and laughed as Yudhish thira had wished.

"Dong" rang the bell and again "dong" and then again "dong". Their sound could be heard until late in the evening, albeit at increasing intervals. But then suddenly, already very late, she rang “dong”, “dong”, “dong”, “dong”, “dong”; she rang storm.

“What is it”, Yudishtira asked the sage Vyasa, “is your bell broken? There are hardly any people sitting at the blackboards and it still sounds non-stop. "

Vyasa replied, “I said a mantra about the bell. It can't be broken. Thousands of people have to sit somewhere. "

They got up to see. And there, in a corner in the garden, they discovered Sukadev. He sat there at a table and ate from the leftovers, but every time he took a bite in his mouth, the bell rang: "dong", "dong", "dong", because Sukadev identified himself with all people, like that that not only did his body eat, but all the people of the world partook of the meal.