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Made in Germany for the Middle Kingdom

Akro-Plastic, a specialist in plastic compounds, has been successfully represented on the Chinese market with its own production facility since 2005. Due to the great demand and high growth rates in the Chinese plastics industry, the compounder was now planning a new plant there. Since the previous location between Shanghai and Suzhou did not have sufficient opportunities to expand the production facilities, the company decided to move into a new production plant in the city of Wujiang, which is part of the same administrative district. In order to be able to produce compounds with high product quality here, as in the main German plant, the company relied on the proven cooperation with the extrusion and compounding plant manufacturer Feddem, which belongs to the same group of companies.

Identical to German systems

The plant manufacturer also equips the compounder's headquarters in Niederzissen and takes on the technical service there. Not only the extrusion technology, but the entire system, from the raw material feed to the packaging of the finished compound, could thus be implemented in the same way as the German systems. Since the formulation development for the Chinese subsidiary also takes place in Niederzissen, the compounder can only use one data sheet for his products, regardless of whether the compounding takes place in Germany or China.

Another prerequisite for the comparable product quality of the compounds is of course the quality of the raw materials used. "All raw materials used in Chinese production are previously approved by R&D in Niederzissen and then checked for quality again in the in-house modern laboratory in China before processing," explains Dr. Thomas Wehrmeister, Head of Research & Development at the compounder.
In addition to the extruder itself, the peripheral devices used are purchased exclusively from well-known companies and supplied to the customers in special equipment by the system manufacturer. "There were only eight months between the placing of the order for the complete turnkey system and commissioning and handover to the customer," says Jürgen Welter, project manager at the system manufacturer. "A quite common size for the delivery of a comparable system within Europe, but very sporty for the delivery to China, if you take into account the shipping of the system and its on-site construction."
This is where belonging to the corporate group paid off again. The many years of experience in the field of logistics and worldwide export of all kinds of products helped to overcome many a bureaucratic hurdle and resulted in everything being completed according to schedule in the end.
On site in China, Akro-Engineering-Plastics then only had to take care of the construction of the production hall according to the typical Chinese standard construction. The concrete floor slab of the hall was created by a Chinese construction company according to the plant manufacturer's foundation planning. This included the special foundations for the load bearing of the steel structures, the sewer shafts required to insert the main electrical supply lines and the cooling water pipes, which were brought to the correct positions together with the sewer shafts and channels.

Multi-tasking compounder

The compounder FED 72 MTS, which was put into operation in Wujiang, China, is, as already indicated in its name (MT), capable of multitasking. The customer can use it to compound a wide range of engineering plastics: PA6, PA6.6, PPA, PBT, PET and PP. The materials can be either natural or colored, unreinforced or mineral (

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