Have you written an answer anonymously

Anonymous Q&A? The Snapchat extension makes it possible

“You only live once” is what many have previously associated with the acronym YOLO, which calls for people to enjoy life, have fun and ignore any consequences. But that could change in the future. Already in May, the app "YOLO" shot to number 1 in the American AppStore immediately after its release and stayed in the top 10 for 5 weeks. But what is behind the Snapchat extension and how can companies benefit from its application?

YOLO - an app goes viral

With YOLO it is possible to conduct anonymized question and answer sessions on Snapchat. However, the app does not work independently, but requires Snapchat. After registering, you can include stickers and overlays in your stories and ask your followers to ask you anonymous questions (“Send me honest messages”). If you have been sent a message, you can see it in the YOLO APP, answer it or share it in your story. However, you cannot send questions to contacts or followers if they have not used the YOLO sticker in their story themselves.

Source: eu.usatoday.com

Forward-looking or just for fun?

YOLO is not only an easy way for private individuals to find out what other people think of them. Companies and brands could also benefit from the app and, in addition to placing advertisements, organize anonymous question and answer sessions themselves. With honest and authentic answers, companies could stay in the minds of users, win new customers and strengthen relationships with existing customers.

Other anonymized apps such as JODEL are already very popular in German-speaking countries. However, the application is location-based and mainly addresses a student target group. Yolo founders Henrion and Clement Raffenoux see a lot of potential in their APP, which they will continue to expand. In the future, it should be able to be used more independently of Snapchat and enable anonymous, interest-specific group chats.

Anonymity - a blessing or a curse?

Snapchat is still very popular, especially with young users. The fact that this target group is particularly susceptible to cyber bullying can become even more of a problem due to the anonymity of the questions. Comparable apps like “Sarahah”, which appeared in 2017, had already tried the concept of asking anonymous questions via Snapchat. Due to allegations of bullying, however, the app was soon removed by Google and Apple. It remains to be seen whether YOLO will suffer the same fate. Bullying users are threatened with the loss of their anonymity, but whether and how this works will only become apparent in the future.

The concept of being able to exchange information anonymously with other users is not new. Nevertheless, YOLO - at least in the USA - made a rapid ascent. For companies, the platform could offer a way to strengthen relationships with their customers. The application is currently a fun addition to Snapchat, but it lacks more independent functions for its own app. Whether YOLO can celebrate similar successes in Germany as in the USA or whether anonymity becomes a problem remains to be seen. Still, it's worth keeping an eye on this new app.