What is your ultimate dream wedding

Comprehensive checklist for the wedding: You are guaranteed not to forget anything!

The 12-month checklist, which you can work through step by step, is the basis of your wedding planning. For many points you will find other important wedding checklists and helpful information as links.

Important: The times given in the wedding checklist are rough empirical values ​​that can vary in reality with every wedding planning. The earlier you start planning, the less stressful it will of course be for you.

If you have less than 1 year to plan your dream wedding: Simply adjust the periods of the wedding checklist / tasks accordingly.

This article is structured in the following sections:

1. Wedding checklist: As early as possible
2. Wedding checklist: 12 months
3. Download the wedding checklist
4. Overview of other wedding checklists

Now the extract from our popular planning book “100 Wedding Checklists” follows.

1. Wedding checklist: As early as possible

When planning a wedding, make sure that you look around for the location and service providers in good time, because the popular wedding locations / wedding service providers are often booked out early.

That's why we've created a check-off list that you should work through as early as possible.

2. Wedding checklist: 12 months

Wedding checklist: 12 months in advance

Please note that you should have already completed the previous part, "Wedding checklist: As early as possible".

Wedding checklist: 11 months in advance

Wedding checklist: 10 months in advance

  • Plan and book your honeymoon (For long-distance trips you should make an appointment with a doctor for necessary vaccinations)
  • Make an appointment in the bridal shop and choose a wedding dress (some wedding dresses have a delivery time of 6-9 months!)
  • Hairstyle / Make-Up Artist: Arrange and book a trial appointment
  • Possibly book technology, music and lighting system
  • Possibly book a hotel room for the wedding night

Wedding checklist: 9 months in advance

Checklist: Wedding in 8 months

Wedding checklist: 7 months in advance

Checklist: Wedding planning 6 months in advance

Planning a wedding: checklist 5 months in advance

Wedding checklist: 4 months in advance

  • Shop wedding decorations (vases, table runners, wedding napkins, candles and candlesticks, garlands and pennant chains, lanterns, balloons, wedding signs, etc.)
  • More detailed discussion with the pastor / priest / freelance speaker:
    Determine the process and songs of the ceremony and express special requests
  • Music selection for the important highlights
    (Moving in and out, handing over the ring, wedding dance, cutting the wedding cake, etc.)
  • Practice wedding dance or take a dance class
  • Get ring pillows, wedding candles and flower baskets
  • Organize games / children's activities (e.g. wedding coloring book, glow sticks, etc.)
  • Possibly tinker / buy teardrop handkerchiefs and wedding fans
  • Possibly apply for a visa for the honeymoon

Wedding checklist: 3 months before the wedding

Checklist: You should plan this 2 months before the wedding

Wedding checklist: 1 month in advance

  • Create table plan / seating plan
  • Try on wedding clothes and have them changed if necessary
  • Carry out preparations for the honeymoon (Create a packing list, fill up the travel pharmacy, commission someone to water the flowers or look after your pet, etc.)
  • Bachelorette parties and stag parties
  • Possibly organize overnight accommodation for the night before the wedding (According to custom, the wedding couple spends the night before the wedding separately from each other)
  • Possibly book a hairdresser appointment for the groom (for approx. 1-2 weeks before the wedding)

Checklist for 1 week before the wedding

  • Go through the exact process and the rest of the planning with all important people (groomsmen, bridesmaids, master of ceremonies, etc ...)
  • Send the exact schedule to all service providers and confirm all appointments again. Point out possible surprises to the photographer -> contact witnesses
  • Put together an "emergency set" for the bride and groom
  • Check the guest list again and notify the last changes to the location / catering
  • Pack for the honeymoon and have travel documents ready
  • Practice putting on the wedding rings
  • Practice the kiss (how long and how often do you kiss?)
  • If possible, plan a day to relax
  • Possibly dress rehearsal in the church
  • If necessary, design, print out and give to helpers
  • Possibly buy / have drinks delivered for a champagne reception and wedding party.

To-do for the wedding: 1-2 days in advance or on the wedding day

  • Arrange clothing & accessories (store protected)
  • Provide everything else that is needed for the wedding ceremony, champagne reception and wedding anniversary
  • Hand over the contacts of all booked service providers to the best man / maid of honor
  • Prepare money for service providers / collections / service personnel
  • To be on the safe side, drive again from the church / wedding ceremony to the location (Construction sites?)
  • Supervise the construction and decoration of the location
  • Manicure / wedding nails, pedicure, plucking eyebrows, shaving legs, etc.
  • If necessary, adjust the seating arrangement at short notice
  • Breathe! 😉

100 wedding checklists - the ultimate wedding book

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3. Free download of the wedding checklist

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4. Overview of other wedding checklists

Wedding emergency box checklist

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Checklist: name change

Where do you have to specify the name change after the wedding? With this checklist you can tick off all points individually and don't forget anything.

To-do list "After the wedding"

In addition to the open bills and the change in tax class, there are a few to-dos that you should tackle after the wedding:

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