Can someone with depression feel positive emotions?

depressionFeel life again

Professional treatment can help most people with depression. With an individual, disorder-specific therapy, the depressive episodes can even disappear completely.


While until a few years ago people used to speak of “cure”, modern psychiatry now prefers the terms "Remission" (extensive reduction in symptoms for a period of at least 6 months) and "Recovery" (Symptom-free "recovery" with a normalization of the risk of new diseases).

The focus on symptoms, complaints and deficits, which is often still predominant, is implemented in the Oberberg Kliniken through a holistic approach with a view to supportive factors (support), resources (skills, “healthy parts”) and, in particular, the individual Resilience ("Resilience", "Stress resistance") added.


Treatment depends on the severity of the depression. Mild depression is usually treated with psychotherapy; In the case of moderate and severe depression, in particular, antidepressant medication, suitable psychotherapy or a sensible combination of both are used - at least if the patient tolerates the side effects of the medication or is willing to accept them.

The effect of antidepressants already sets in after one to two weeks and usually reaches their full strength after around four to six weeks. Combination therapies of drugs and psychotherapy are particularly indicated for severe and chronic depression. In doing so, we always ensure that the dosage of the psychotropic drugs used is as low as possible with side effects.


Important: There are many different successful approaches to psychotherapy. As an Oberberg patient, you can always discuss in detail with your team of therapists which individual evidence-based treatment concept promises the greatest therapeutic success for you. However, you should always expect that any psychotherapy requires a certain amount of cooperation, patience and perseverance.