How do you deploy an application

Step 1: how to deploy the sample application

  1. Sign in to the AWS Lambda console.

  2. Select in the navigation area Functions and then Create function out.

  3. Go to the side Create function as follows:

    1. Choose.Browse the serverless app repository,Public applications,View apps that create custom IAM roles or resource policiesout.

    2. Search for and then select the application.

  4. Go to the side fork-example-ecommerce-checkout-api as follows:

    1. Enter in the section Application settings one Application name a (for example).

      • To make it easier to find your resources later, keep the prefix.

      • The application name must be unique for each deployment. If you reuse an application name, the deployment will only update the previously deployed AWS CloudFormation stack (instead of creating a new one).

    2. (Optional) Enter one of the followingLogLevelSettings for the execution of the Lambda function of your application:

      • (Default)

  5. Choose I acknowledge that this app creates custom IAM roles, resource policies and deploys nested applications and then at the bottom of the page Deploy out.

Click on theProvision status for gabel-example-ecommerce-is displayed, Lambda shows theYour application is deployedStatus.

In theresourcesAWS CloudFormation starts creating the stack and shows theCREATE_IN_PROGRESS-Status for each resource. When the process is complete, AWS CloudFormation displays theCREATE_COMPLETEStatus.

It can take 20 to 30 minutes for all resources to be provisioned.

When the deployment is complete, Lambda shows theYour application has been deployedStatus.

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