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«Very explicit»: Zendaya warns her fans of «Euphoria»


Even before the first episode of the teenage drama "Euphoria" was broadcast, the series polarized. Now even actress Zendaya is warning her young fans about it.

“Euphoria” is not for the faint of heart: The new series on HBO, which celebrated its US premiere on Sunday, revolves around a murdered teenager and his classmates who, a year after the crime, suffered drug addiction, mental health problems and sex and have to fight violence.

The main actress in the series is Disney star Zendaya Coleman. The 22-year-old can be seen in the role of the drug addict Rue, who already experienced an overdose in the second episode. One of many topics in the teenage drama that Zendaya would like to warn its fans about, especially young ones.

"Honest portrait of addiction and fears"

“As a reminder before today's premiere of 'Euphoria': This is for a more mature audience,” the actress addresses her more than 56.6 million followers on Instagram. The series would report in a “raw and honest” way about addictions, fears and “the difficulties that can be in life these days”. There are scenes "which are very explicit and difficult to look at".

Zendaya closes the post with an invitation: «Please only watch this if you feel up to it. Do what is good for you. "

The trailer for the new teen drama series “Euphoria”. (Video: HBO)

You can find out what advice she gives her fans in the video above.

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