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CAT S42: Cheaper than its predecessor, but also better?

For a long time, outdoor smartphones were a niche that only a few manufacturers occupied. The Bullit Group, as the licensee and manufacturer of the Caterpillar smartphones, was particularly well represented here. There is now extensive competition from China, but Samsung and the German manufacturer Gigaset are now also represented in the market.

This is probably one of the reasons why CAT Phones has adapted its product range and is now offering the CAT S42 significantly cheaper than its predecessor: The CAT S41 cost just under 500 euros when it was launched two years ago, the successor is available for half of the price.

And in this environment it is also properly located, today nobody would probably pay 500 euros for a Samrtphone with thick bezels and a single camera. The CAT S42 still has a lot to offer: a rubberized and washable surface, a very stable housing, significantly faster WLAN than its predecessor and a freely assignable button on the left side of the housing.

Unfortunately, you have to do without the hardware buttons for menu control in Android, which were particularly useful with gloves or wet fingers. There is also no way to use a fingerprint or your own face to unlock the smartphone. But the outdated security patches with which Android 10 is currently installed on the smartphone are even more annoying.

The camera is OK for snapshots, but nothing more should be expected. You should also cut back on your demands in terms of system performance; you only get the most necessary power here. Slightly more demanding games can only be played with greatly reduced details and overlays such as the volume control are very slow in more complex apps.

The CAT S42 is still a decent outdoor cell phone and at the new price it is also properly grouped. Another advantage is that the manufacturer guarantees that the smartphone can be disinfected with alcohol or bleach.

If you would like to find out more details about the CAT S42 and you are interested in our final test result, then take a look at our detailed test for the outdoor smartphone.

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