What does your soul look like

Soul Test What do you have in your soul? What color is your shadow self?

Take the test now and find out what secrets you have in your soul and what color your shadow self is.

The psychologist Carl Gustav Jung looked deep into our souls - and developed the theory of the "shadow self". Because inside our soul there is a mysterious place that we do not know, but which still belongs to us - ours "Shadow Self". What does yours look like

The aura is what surrounds our soul. It is shaped by our inside, but outside, our effect.

Inside, deep in our soul, we carry a shadow self. Here we dump everything that our consciousness perceives as disturbing. Experiences that we suppress, emotions that we do not face, and emotional pain that we think we cannot endure.

Carl Gustav Jung was one of the first therapists to discover this dark area: "The shadow is everything you are, but you definitely don't want to be."

In the short term, it often makes sense to banish things that are too hurtful into the subconscious. But in the long run this split off part blocks our life force, hinders our relationships and is responsible for the fact that we do not live part of our dreams. Because only if we also accept the dark side of our personality do we develop further.

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But what is it that we suppress? What kind of shadow selves do we carry deep within?

Take the test. Don't think too hard, just click through the pictures and quickly decide which color attracts you. This is the way to your shadow self: