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Technical College - Economics and Administration -
Grades 11 and 12

Brief description:

A 2-year course that leads students with a secondary school diploma to the general technical college entrance qualification ("Fachabitur"). In grade 11 there is an accompanying internship, while grade 12 takes place full-time.

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The Fachoberschule Wirtschaft introduces motivated pupils with a secondary school certificate Fachhochschulreife (so-called "Fachabitur"). So are all courses possible at all universities of applied sciences in Germany, e.g. B. Business administration, computer science, mathematics, sports science or social education.

Also take many universities in Lower Saxony and some other federal states graduates of the Fachoberschule Wirtschaft in corresponding subject-specific courses.

Every student at the Fachoberschule Wirtschaft gains through the vocational focus training in the professional field "Economy" in-depth economic knowledge. Graduates are specially prepared for studying economics and training in commercial professions. This can be an orientation for later studies or vocational training, but without committing to the job-related focus.

Anyone who successfully completes the technical college for economics proves it special motivation. In addition to the path to a university of applied sciences, this also opens up the path to direct entry into a professional career. Graduates from universities of applied sciences are considered to be trained in a particularly practical manner and with appropriate performance have good chances on the job market.

Admission requirements

  • Secondary qualification I - secondary school qualification
  • Internship contract in the commercial-administrative area for 960 hours (should be available for registration if possible, but no later than for the decision on admission in March of the respective year)
  • Proof of a counseling interview at the youth employment agency (employment agency)
  • Written confirmation from our school
  • If the number of registrations is greater than the number of available school places, a selection process is carried out.

Process or content of the course

The total of 12 lessons per week in 11th grade will be as Part-time lessons two days a week planned; the remaining days are available for the internship in the internship company. The interns are insured against accidents through the regular trade association of the internship company.

After the 11th grade and successfully completed internship, the Transfer to grade 12. In class 12, lessons take place full-time on five days of the week.

Timetable of the Fachoberschule Wirtschaft

Weekly hours

11th grade

Grade 12

Cross-professional learning area
with the subjects






Religion or values ​​and norms

Natural science (generally biology)


















Job-related learning area



a total of



A special highlight in 12th grade is the Implementation of a project in the field of marketing, which is part of the Service learnings is carried out for a client. A core time of 40 hours per week is blocked for this.

In addition, there is usually a study trip carried out to neighboring European countries.

final exam

Class 12 of the Fachoberschule Wirtschaft und Verwaltung concludes with a written final examination in the subjects German, English and mathematics as well as in job-related learning area from.

The processing time for the written examination is three hours in each of the subjects English and mathematics and four hours in each of the other subjects. The examination results are included in the final grade for the respective subject or learning area.

An oral examination is carried out on the decision of the examination board if it is necessary to clarify final grades; it can relate to all subjects and learning areas on the lesson table.

Degrees and Permissions

Successful attendance in class 11 results in the transfer to class 12; no additional school-leaving qualification is awarded after grade 11.

With the successful completion of grade 12, the University entrance qualification acquired. This justifies

  • to study every subject at all universities of applied sciences in the Federal Republic of Germany,
  • to study subject-specific courses at universities in Lower Saxony (e.g. economics, business informatics, social sciences or teacher training courses), and
  • to enter the qualification phase of the upper secondary school and the vocational grammar school for business (requirement: a second foreign language has already been learned for four years.).

In addition, the technical college entrance qualification enables, among other things, entry into training for the higher service (career group 2) with authorities and police as well as into the officer career in the armed forces.

Registration / admission

We take registrations from February 1st to 20th with the following documents:

  • fully completed registration form
  • Tabular CV
  • Photocopy of the current semester report of the 10th grade or a certified copy one secondary school leaving certificate already acquired
  • Proof of a counseling interview at the youth employment agency (employment agency)
  • for students from non-EU countries: residence permit for the entire duration of the training

The decision on admission is made in March / April of each year. The admitted students are invited by us to an enrollment event shortly before the summer holidays.

Lesson times and costs

Classes take place from Monday to Friday. There are no classes on Saturday. In general, classes start at 7.45 a.m. and end, depending on the schedule, at 12:50 p.m. or on individual days of the week at 1:50 p.m. or 2:35 p.m.

Attending school is free of charge.

If you have any questions, give us a call or arrange a consultation.

Secretariat: 05341 839-7100
Responsible coordinator: This email address is being protected from spambots. To display JavaScript must be turned on! 05341 839-7104

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