How good is sprint in Hawaii

  • DOKU: "Fascination Ironman Hawaii - The toughest triathlon on earth" (approx. 2.30 p.m.)

When the Collins family gave the starting shot for the first Ironman competition on the Hawaiian island of Oahu in 1978, none of the 15 participants suspected that a good 40 years later around 500,000 triathletes worldwide try to endure this exertion in order to become the Ironman !

The race has been held on the largest Hawaiian island, the Big Island, for many years. With great heat of up to 40 degrees in the shade, with strong winds on the bike course and a final, agonizing marathon on the so-called “Queen K” highway, thousands of heroic stories are written every year. In 1997 Thomas Hellriegel became the first German to win the title of "Ironman World Champion". He was first followed by Norman Stadler (2004/2006) and Faris al Sultan (2005) on the podium at the top.

Since 2014 (Sebastian Kienle) there has always been a German triathlete wearing the men's wreath on their heads. Triathlon Olympic champion Jan Frodeno continued the German dominance with his 2015/2016 victories. Patrick Lange from Hesse won in 2017/2018 and set various records. In 2018 he was the first athlete to stay below the magical "8 hour limit". However, his time of 7:52:39 hours only lasted one year, because in 2019 Jan Frodeno won the world title for the third time and was even faster (7:51:13 hours).

With Anne Haug, a German woman was the first to cross the finish line on Alii Drive in Kailua-Kona for the first time in 2019.

The race starts in the morning at 6:15 a.m. and ends at 0:30 a.m. with the last starter crossing the finish line. Over 3,000 athletes, in the age groups from 18 to 85 years, qualify for this toughest day of the year. Oliver Mayer tells the stories about the "fascination of Ironman Hawaii".