What are some 11th hour cooking hacks

Potatoes cooked in the peel are easier to peel if they have been quenched with cold water immediately after draining.

Crispy fried potatoes turn out even better if the potatoes have been peeled cold and thinly sliced ​​beforehand. The fat, preferably lard, has to be really hot before you put the sliced ​​potatoes in it.

Fried potatoes should not be made from salted potatoes because their softer consistency means they absorb too much fat.

For a change, the fried potatoes can also be garnished with onion, bacon and ham cubes, caraway seeds, garlic and breadcrumbs.

To give finished fried potatoes the seductive scent of butter, add one or more flakes of butter at the end and stir the potatoes with them until the butter has melted and only smells.

Salted apples cook faster if you add a little margarine (approx. 5 g) to the water.

Salted potatoes that are pressed through the potato press are called snow potatoes. Add some liquid, hot butter and freshly chopped parsley over the "loosened" potatoes.

It is also a nice idea to cut wafer-thin slices of carrot under the fried potatoes for a change. This not only tastes very good and looks pretty, but also makes the dish richer in vitamins.