Why is cabbage so cheap

Cabbage Recipes - Cheap - Inexpensive

White cabbage salad with smoked tofu

This quick recipe for white cabbage salad with smoked tofu tastes just like grandma's time, but completely vegan.

Warm kale salad

Warm kale salad is a great recipe that can be served as a hearty starter, for example.

Tyrolean bacon dumplings with sauerkraut

This recipe is dedicated to friends of hearty cuisine. You will like the delicious Tyrolean bacon dumplings with sauerkraut.

Pointed cabbage soup

A creamy, delicate pointed cabbage soup is prepared with this recipe. Bacon, onions and herbs ensure a strong taste.

Pointed cabbage soup

Those who like pointed cabbage will love this delicious, fine pointed cabbage soup. Here is the great recipe to cook at home.

Pointed cabbage salad with bacon

With this recipe, a healthy, fine pointed cabbage salad with bacon is easy to prepare - ideal as a side dish or as a full meal.

Pointed cabbage salad with tangerines

This tender and aromatic pointed cabbage salad with mandarins simply tastes fresh and can be prepared quickly using this recipe.

Pointed cabbage in mustard sauce

Pointed cabbage in mustard sauce is quick and easy to prepare and goes perfectly with pan-fried meat.

Pointed cabbage casserole

This recipe for pointed cabbage casserole with shortcrust pastry, delicious vegetables and a topping is simple and tastes good.

Braised cabbage

Braised cabbage is a hearty, tasty side dish and easy to prepare according to this recipe. It's cheap and goes very well with bratwurst.